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Dave Shishkoff  Vegan, cyclist, runs @VeganStart, part of @VeganSupply and #RescueHamster dad of #SpencerSpeedypaws. Adventures around Victoria, BC.

In happier hamster news, #SpencerSpeedypaws celebrated his 17mos birthday last Saturday, AND went over the 9,000km mark running on his wheel!!! He's the most incredible athlete, what an inspiration!!! 💪🐹❤❤❤ #rescuehamster #adoptdontshop

Have seen this in the distance forever, finally made the trek up to it today atop John Dean Park. (And reminded myself how hard that climb is, even worse getting to this thing!) #yyjbike #dangerhighvoltage

Very sad news, Blueberry died yesterday... I had been fostering him since March if you hadn't seen earlier posts. He was a few mos older than Spencer and wasn't in great condition when I took him in (he'd been in a family w kids, please don't ever let kids have hamsters.) He was actually improving a lot, the first weeks he barely went on his wheel, but he was really picking up and on Wednesday he actually ran longer than Spencer!! But Thur morning I checked in, and he looked like he was dying.. I made a vet appointment, and started doing what I could to warm him up, give him food & water...within an hour he was back on his feet, out shuffling around collecting food and having a drink - he's a real trooper! By the time we got to the vet around 4pm he was looking pretty good, nearly back to himself! The vet thought he might have bladder crystals, and was squeezing him to try and get some urine out, and then moments later he died. Breaks my heart. I hope I didn't let you down, Blueberry. You were so very endearing, and I'm so grateful I got to meet you and you will live on in my heart. ❤🐹 #rescuehamster #adoptdontshop

Hurray for tubeless tires! Managed to ride 30mins home like this on this rainy day. 💪

First road race in 4yrs done and dusted! Funny how it all comes back, there's probably an expression for that.. 🤣

Oooh yeah, first day that feels like summer! Just wearing shorts and a jersey, and first time in the aero bars in years too, giving the Masters TT course a spin. #yyjbike

Obligatory red gate at the end of the Goose pic! #yyjbike

Fun day at the track! Can't believe it's been 4yrs since I last rode here! Lots of new faces at the open house today and a big thanks to all who made things happen, let's see if we can get a little race series going too! 😊

Heh - some fun at the velodrome.

Wow! First new energy bar in a LONG time I genuinely enjoyed: chocolate chip @eatbobos. Like a big oat cookie, great consistency too. Looking forward to trying other flavours. Really happy with the new helmet too, the shape looks a bit weird, but feels smoother and faster, and good cooling!

Yay - its new helmet day! Thanks to @russhaysbikes for hooking me up, got my first @specialized_ca lid in a long time ('95 I think!) Fits great, visible and bright, fairly airy so far, hope the aero helps. 😉 Won't buy another Bell, since their parent co deals arms and ammunition. ☹️

Was surprised to encounter whom I believe to be a Cooper's Hawk today! Watched the raptor play in some bushes, and managed a lucky snap flying right at me! #yyjwildlife

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