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Kettlebells are a great tool and you can even buy one for home. You can strengthen your core and posterior chain with a range of movements.
- - -
Most start with the swing, if you do so ensure that you utilise your glutes and hamstrings, the power should be coming from your hips not your shoulders. - - -
At the end of a session finish with
20 swings
10 cleans each arm
5 snatches each arm
Repeat 3 times
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A crazy concept, I know πŸ˜•. Tag somebody who shares this belief πŸ‘‡
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I always struggled to put on weight when I was growing up but after I stopped making excuses and educated myself I realised how easy it is to be done. After ticking off my aim to box πŸ₯Šβœ… this year it's time to put on weight (muscle mass) #Athletic #NaturalπŸ’ͺ🌱

Challenge yourself with new exercises. Often you find people are worried about trying new things in case they "fail" like I did here. If that happens you put a plan in place to achieve it you don't walk away.

Another great post from @incogneato_vegan πŸ‘Œ.. we certainly try to steer our energy towards the do's of this list. It can be easy to misplace passion for a cause so worthy but lets lead by example and watch the ripple effect πŸ˜‰βœŒπŸ’š

Hanstand walks to presses πŸ’₯ the key to achieving anything in life is consistency #progress πŸ”‘
- - - - - - - -
Well done to everybody who took their first step towards consistency by signing onto our online coaching. We will have more spaces available but back at full price where you still receive crazy value for money.
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Try these overhead lunges. Great for shoulder stability, balance, engaging the core, and legs. #poweredbyplants

Had this just happen again...why oh why?

About time! People starting to realise the benefits of a plant based diet and that it is the future for improving our health.

What's the most-used excuse not to go VEGAN?
I have never been stuck on a deserted island.. in fact it's hard to go somewhere without vegan options in this day and age. If you're looking into #GoingVegan then use these steps;
1. Fuel that enthusiasm but until you start really enjoying vegan life it may be best to not label your dietary habits to just about everyone, because it's added pressure during the transition.
2. We all make mistakes, so you bought something with hidden milk powder in, do not dwell and learn for next time.
3. There are lots of vegan foods to enjoy, experiment and remember all the flavours you used to enjoy from meat probably derived from herbs and spices.
4. If there's a food type that you are struggling to give up, try some of the substitutes. If it's cheese then try Vio Life. Swap meat with tinned jackfruit. Bake with chia seeds instead of egg. There are options for sausages, chicken, burgers... Then slowly try to move towards a wholefoods diet when you can.
5. One thing we see many people who train struggle with, is the lack of calorie dense foods. We have lots of clients that we have easily helped gain muscle, but you can lose weight if you don't check your calorie intake initially. We'd say monitor this before eventually being able to use your intuition.
6. Where do you get your protein? Seeds, nuts, legumes, quinoa, hemp and from other sources. Protein can get too much of an emphasis, if you're eating a balanced wholefood diet you will be getting quality over quantity. There's lots of places to get your much-needed protein! #UKVEGANS Feel free to message for help ✌

I know this feeling. @naturalbarandkitchen have a new menu and i have been three days running 🀣

We managed to treat ourselves to @naturalbarandkitchen new menu 🌞! We tried the BBQ jackfruit on sourdough bread, kaleslaw and Kimchi with a kombucha πŸ’šπŸŒ± it was as amazing as it looks! #VotewithYourMoney

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