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Suzy’s travels in the Persian Gulf continue with an amazing adventure from the capital of Muscat in Oman, to the diverse natural attractions around the Wadis including riding the sand dunes, meeting Bedouins, and swimming in gorgeous waterfalls in Wadi Shab.
Checkout @suzyfjones’ blog on our site and in our IG Story. 🌱

MiLisa celebrated the new year with a visit to Myrtle Beach. She blogs about her travels there and the vegan food she enjoyed in her latest blog and video.
We shared a link to MiLisa’s blog & video in our IG story. 🌱
Please also check out MiLisa’s blog: www.digimercy.com and her IG page: @digimercy

Just roasted up a large batch of nuts and seeds. They are a favorite snack we take with us nearly every time we travel. Add some fresh raisins or chopped dates, and you have a healthy trail mix that taste better than any packaged mix you can buy in stores. Every few months we roast up a large batch and store them in vacuum sealed containers. Then when we’re ready to travel, we just add in the dried fruits. They are perfect snacks for flights, and taste amazing sprinkled on oatmeal, fresh fruit, and acai bowls.

How cool is this? These photos are from @suzyfjones’ latest blog, which shares vegan holiday tips for Dubai. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Suzy's blog is currently featured in our IG story and on VeganTravel.com 🌱

We close our weeklong look at vegan travel in Greece with this thoughtful video from @heyshaee and @marissa.kai. During their 6-months of global travels they visited several animal sanctuaries, helping to shed much-needed light on issues facing animals around our world.
We shared a link to Shae & Marissa’s video in our IG story. 🌱
Also visit www.sawasantorini.org 🧡

This Vegan Souvlaki is one of the many delicious vegan meals Kristin of @wtfveganfood enjoyed during the making of her “Greece Vegan Food Tour” video.
We shared a link to Kristin’s video in our IG story. 🌱

We continue our look at Greece with a recent blog from Rebecca & Francis, a couple from Melbourne, Australia who run the blog Peace.Love.Veggies. In their blog “Goodness in Greece” they share their recent travels to Athens and Santorini including suggestions on sites to see, places to stay, and all the amazing vegan food they enjoyed.
We shared a link to their blog in our IG story. 🌱

Here are some more lovely memories from @marissa.kai and @heyshaee’s travels in Athens. In Marissa’s “Exploring Athens” blog, they meet up with friends @libbyandmarcel, run in the world’s 1st Olympic stadium, and naturally enjoy lots of vegan food.
We shared a link to Marissa’s blog in our IG story. 🌱

As the weather gets warmer, many will be heading to Athens, Greece before continuing on to the Greek islands. In this Best of Athens blog, Kristin of @wtfveganfood shares her top 10 favorite vegan food finds along with some fun things to see and do.
The link to Kristin’s blog in our IG Story 🌱
The photos shown:
1. @icequeengelato – vegan waffle gelato
2. @yiathens – stuffed mushrooms
3. @yiathens – sushi
4. @bamboo_vegan – vegan market
5. @500miles_away – vegan burger
6. @mamatierra_restaurant – falafel
7. @trivoli.vegan – vegan burger
8. @avocado_athens – Kristin’s meetup
9. @lukumades – Greek lukumades
10. #rosebudathens – vegan souvlaki (closed)

To brighten up the mood, we are continuing our posts from one of our favorite destinations – Greece! And an exceptionally happy time for all of us was when @marissa.kai and @heyshaee traveled to Mykonos. They arrived on that gorgeous island shortly after watching the Mamma Mia musical at an outdoor theater on Santorini. They lucked into one of the most luxurious hotels on Mykonos. Inspired by both, they made this everlasting memory from their 2016 travels around the world.
If you haven’t seen it yet, give yourself some good vibes for the day by checking their "Money, Money, Money" music video.
We shared a link to Marissa and Shae’s video from our IG story. 🌱

Hawaii is made up of 8 islands known far more for their tropical beaches and rainforests, than for its 1.4 million inhabitants. This photo is what we normally think of when we’re picturing Hawaii … that is until we get a jolt of reality like the one we all got today.
Our hearts go out to all the people on all the islands of Hawaii. We can’t even imagine the fear they must have felt receiving that heart stopping false missile alert message.
While two madmen are calling each other names, people who live on the West Coast of the US, Guam & Hawaii, Japan, and South Korea, are all for the first time in our lifetimes having to process the nuclear brinkmanship being played by two less than stable world leaders.
And tomorrow we will all have to try to forget that children of today are having to grow up with these cold war realities. Sorry for the depressing post, but sometimes we too feel overwhelmed with the sad state of our world these days.
Will humankind ever truly be able to live in peace, before it learns that we are all here on this earth together.

We found ourselves yearning for the warm beaches of Greece today. This photo was taken on one of our favorite places in the world, the island of Santorini. This island is one of the most spectacularly beautiful and enjoyable islands you can find to holiday on. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you like to hike, there’s a cliff path that runs for 9-kilometers from Fira to Oia along some of the most gorgeous ocean views our world has to offer. And on that path, there are loads of beautiful spots to stop, picnic, soak the views, and breath in the warm fresh sea air. There are also some amazing cliff hotels along this path that are well worth staying at, if you can find one that isn’t too pricey.

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