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Maddie Eurasian Cosplayer/Model Atlanta, GA πŸ”œ Dragoncon

"Hatred and vengeance blinded me ... But I shall stand before them in humility. I shall remember the expression in their eyes. I hope the memory of those eyes will stop me making a similar mistake."
Ciri from like 2 years ago <3 I love her and this game so much
Costume made 110% by yours truly
I need to cosplay Ciri again... hint hint
#ciri #ciricosplay #witcher3cosplay #witcher3 #cirillafionaelenriannon πŸ“· Ava Shameimaru Photography

Pika pika from momocon earlier this year
What's your favorite pokemon?

"The most important thing is not to live, but to have a reason to live."πŸ”˜
SWIPE to become Deviant!πŸ…ΎοΈ
Releasing the pictures from this shoot on my Patreon this month!
I will also be wearing this to DragonCon
#dbh #dbhcosplay #detroitbecomehuman #detroitbecomehumancosplay #androidcosplay #rk800

LOVE this wig from @weekendwigs I didn't have to do any styling, I just parted it
It's really soft and easy to brush, too!
I feel like a bubblegum princess in this 🌸
P.S. you can see the nice tan I got while I was in Florida 🌞

This month's set on (link in bio) will be released soon! Top tiers will also get an 8x12" signed print πŸ’™ #mememe #mememecosplay
Pic by @kayyybear 🐻

Releasing Mememe photos soon (plus lewd ones!) On πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’–
Photo by @kayyybear
Costume by @renbunni
#mememe #mememecosplay

So uh
@khristinakrunk dubbed today #bootyday to show some #buns and I decided to join because lord knows, as an honorary Patreon THOT, I have an abundance of pictures of my tushy.
Sorry mom πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Real talk, my butt is actually pretty small, posing does wonders for you. Also when I weighed more it was more πŸ…±οΈoppin
Rock what you got is all I'm saying. I never edit out stretch marks or my scars because I am simply not ashamed of them Β―\_(ツ)_/ Β―
@spiidermom you have the best butt ever I invite you to participate ;)

I'm an A cup but I still wanted to participate in #oppaiday or whatever is going on because who doesn't love boobs? All boobs are great, small or big and everything in between
So yeah uh here's a collage of my tits?? LOL

I uploaded this photoset to last night for Tiers 4,5, and 6! They're spicy go check it out :) Link in bio
I got this outfit from Amazon for anyone wondering!
πŸ“· @kayyybear

Wore yennefer today at #akaicon
My friends convinced me to compete so I did very last minute and was super shocked to have gotten Masters Runner up after entering as a journeyman. I wasn't expecting to place at all, and had just entered because I missed competing. I'm super honored! #yennefer #yennefercosplay

See you in a few #akaicon #rogue #roguecosplay
Couldn't find an accurate shirt in time, oops!

Thank you @renbunni for letting me borrow her mememe outfit to shoot in today!
#mememe #mememecosplay

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