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PRESH PANDESAL PAPI  I'm a graphic designer with rapper dreams. 📧:

Mad Dog 20 20 had us acting funny in Houston #35mm

we had a wild night in Cleveland for @sorrykhary’s birthday and apparently had a crazy one in Asia. surprise collaboration via double exposure because of course Vanessa would give me a roll of film she already shot. #35mm

shoutout to the internet for bringing a lot of us together. big shoutout to anybody willing to get coffee with me at 8am. #35mm

took the boys out around the city when we were in San Francisco. wish we had time to grab pupusas or some corn muffins from Hard Knox tho. maybe next time. #35mm

I really miss bodega sandwiches and chicken over rice. Not only that, but the prices, too. #35mm

found a pot o gold after 4 long days in New Orleans #35mm

like with everything, give me something with an old school, classic feel to it #35mm

ever feel like throwing a series of parties in abandoned buildings across america? just because? well this one is in New Orleans between the motel 6 and ihop. #35mm

gonna be sharing some film shots from tour. this is the first thing we saw when we got out the van in New Orleans. real spooky hours. #35mm

I love seeing the smile on people’s face when they talk about something they’re passionate about. It’s rubbed off on me and I can’t shut up.
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