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Day 15: Tales of Terror (1962) short stories inspired by Edgar Allan Poe starring Vincent Price. The stories are: 1.)The Black Cat/The Cask of Amontillado (complete with "we'll brick you in the wall" ending), 2
)Morella (my fave) and 3.)The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar (which involves hypnosis on a man on his deathbed). In Morella, Vincent Price's character missed his late wife Morella who died during childbirth. He had her body decomposing in the house. When their daughter comes to visit, his late wife comes to life in exchange for her daughter taking her place in death. House fire chaos ensues and Price ends up the one who dies. The movie cost 1.5 million to make at the time. #31daysofhorror

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Haha. 🤣

Why does my left arm look bigger than my right? I'm right-handed. Weird!🦀

This kid rules. Happy Monday!🖤

Day 14: The Amityville Horror (2005, not 1979) I really love how angry Ryan Reynolds is in this one. He really sells it. I wonder what he had to be thinking about in real life to make himself get that angry before shooting. Is anyone mad about shirtless @vancityreynolds ? I don't even think the men looking at this post are. I think everyone is thankful for that. Let's not forget there was a very young Chloe Grace Moretz in this one. While filming this one, Ryan chose not to get close to the child actors that were to be his kids in the film because he had to act angry towards them and wanted to be able to do that so he chose not to have a personal relationship with them. Also just prior to shooting this movie, a body of a fisherman who murdered was found that had washed up right by the set. #31daysofhorror

Pretty much. Lol.🖤

Day 13 (running late-I know): Signs (2002) normally I really hate M. Night movies but this and The Sixth Sense I like. The scene in this movie where you see the alien at the birthday party as shown in the second picture still chills me whenever I think about it. In real life crop circles occur in wheat Fields but M. Night I thought it would be scarier to have the crop circles in corn because it was taller and harder to flatten. The house used in the movie was a set built for the film and the trim colors of red white and blue in the house were to symbolize aliens invading America. The movie cost $72 million to make. It returned $228 million in North America and a total of $408 million worldwide. #31daysofhorror

I'm not dramatic. Lol.

Exactly how much great stuff can happen in one day? Photo by @evokerstudios . Thank you so much guys for always making me look amazing🐚

Um haha yes lol

Polers, I need help. I did something really stupid on accident. I put this lugnut on the bottom of my @xpoleus with the hex-key indentation on the inside. I can't seem to get it out because it's pushed too far in there. My ideas were super-strong adhesive attached to a rod of some sort or a super-powerful cylindrical magnet. Does anyone have any better ideas? I appreciate it. #poledancenation

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