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Vector Disease Control Int'l  VDCI is an international tick and mosquito management service provider protecting public health since 1992.


When you #LoveYourJob, and your co-workers feel like family, you capture the special moments and cherish the #memories.

We are grateful Jim Stark has been a part of the VDCI family for 25 years!

#EmployeeAppreciation #WorkFamily #MosquitoLife #MosquitoManagement

Heather Ward is a #SpeciesIdentification expert in our Colorado lab. A love of #entomology runs deep in her family. To support her brother’s undergraduate #ResearchProject, Heather recently “donated” blood to a colony of #Aedes #aegypti at MSU Denver.

#SiblingLove #MosquitoLife #ForTheLoveOfScience #ScientistsWhoSelfie

Look what a VDCI Team Member discovered in her child's coloring book! With our team and partners across the country, we’re glad the little artist chose colors to represent both sides playing in the #BigGame. We’re also glad mom added the missing legs.
#KidArt #MosquitoesHave6Legs #MaleMosquitoesDontBite

Thank you, #California! We were grateful for the opportunity to attend the MVCAC's 86th Annual Conference, see old friends, and provide details to districts on VDCI's services on the ground as well as in the air! 
#ProtectingPublicHealth #MosquitoManagement #PilotsRock #MVCAC2018

Field Technician, Mayumi Smyers was an ace at locating the habitats of #Culex larvae last season. The #Biology and #EnvironmentalScience student loved her position and the ability to spend time outside - whether conducting #surveillance along local nature trails, monitoring public areas for standing water, or wading through irrigated fields.
#EmployeeAppreciation #MosquitoLife #MosquitoManagement

The Florida Mosquito Control Association’s "Fly-In" was a great opportunity to learn about new aerial technologies and catch-up with customers. VDCI was asked to highlight the role our aerial division had in helping #Florida & #Texas with hurricane relief efforts last year. #FMCA #EmergencyResponse #MosquitoManagement #ProtectingPublicHealth

Can you identify this #species?
Last season, our team was discussing their next #MosquitoManagement mission when the intruder flew in. One of our #entomologist thought it was a big deal. #hinthint

Congratulations to VDCI’s 2017 AWARD WINNERS!

In addition to a busy mosquito season, the VDCI Team contributed to mosquito management efforts after hurricanes Harvey and Irma. A lot of hard work went into the post-season as well as routine responsibilities, and our team was there to navigate through every challenge on the ground and in the air. VDCI is grateful for the dedication and professionalism exhibited by all of our employees. A few individuals were selected by their colleagues to receive an award for their standout accomplishments and contributions in 2017.
We continued to be amazed by our team this year, and we are excited to see what we can accomplish together in 2018!

Employee of the Year

IPM Division, Most Valuable Employee

Aerial Division, Most Valuable Employee

Rookie of the Year

Sales/Administrative Division, Most Valuable Employee
#EmployeeAppreciation #Team #MosquitoManagement #AwardWinners

VDCI has been Protecting Public Health Since 1992, and Jim Stark has been with us every single step of the way. He has provided invaluable service to our customers and demonstrated his unwavering commitment to our company. We were thrilled to place a spotlight on Jim Stark during our Annual Meeting. Thank you, Jim. You are a valued employee and friend. #Grateful #EmployeeAppreciation #25years

Dr. Broox Boze made friends with a Squirrel Treefrog (Hyla squirella), while preparing for a mission in #Florida.

#DidYouKnow some #mosquito species, like the Pale-Footed Uranotaenia (Uranotaenia lowii), lack interest in humans and prefer their blood meals from reptiles and #amphibians—mostly #frogs?

Are you interested in learning more about the Pale-Footed Uranotaenia? We’ve got a blog for that!

Visit our website page:

#DYK #MosquitoLife #MosquitoBlog #ScientistsWhoSelfie

A mosquito trap can collect thousands of mosquitoes in one night. Now what?

Chief Entomologist, Michael “Doc” Weissmann talks about what he sees under the microscope in the second half of his series on mosquito surveillance.

Visit vdci.net/blog to read his blog, “Mosquito Surveillance – Part 2: Life at the Lab Identifying Species and Disease Testing”

#surveillance #MosquitoLife #MosquitoBlog

Pictured: Anopheles quadrimaculatus - Common Malaria Mosquito

Doc has a blog about this little lady, too.

Chief Entomologist, Michael “Doc” Weissmann discusses the before and after of capturing mosquitoes in his 2 part series.

Visit vdci.net/blog to read his blog, “Mosquito Surveillance – Part 1: The Art of Hunting Mosquitoes” #surveillance #MosquitoLife #MosquitoBlog

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