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Vector Disease Control Int'l  VDCI is an international tick and mosquito management service provider protecting public health since 1992.


Look who arrived on October 7th, just as the mosquito season in #Idaho was ending…Hello, Jeremiah! Big congratulations to Taylor and Andria who work out of our Payette, ID office! 
Welcome to the VDCI family, Jeremiah! We wish much happiness and health to Mom, Dad, and their little love ‘bug.'

Spotlight: Denver Laboratory

Meet two of our mosquito experts - Kelsey Renfro and Heather Ward! Recently, the duo completed a road trip to Texas and Florida, where they assisted with mosquito surveillance and identification efforts in the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Kelsey graduated last December with a BS in Biology and a minor in Environmental Science. “I love being a scientist, specifically an entomologist because it is dynamic and there is still so much to learn, discover, and understand in our natural world.” Heather graduated last May with her Master’s degree in Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology. “I love mosquitoes and the science behind them because of the astonishing ways they can transmit disease, parasitic and viral particularly. It's amazing how so many pathogens use a vector to move between hosts.” When in #Denver, both ladies play an integral role in the identification responsibilities in the lab. A project this year has increased their identification skills, with the pair learning to ID about 85 species of #mosquitoes, ranging from Alaska to Puerto Rico. Kelsey and Heather both share in the excitement of finding a rarely seen species in a sample or a species they wouldn’t expect within some geographical regions.

#entomology #culicidae #MosquitoLife #MosquitoManagment
#WomenInScience #WomenInSTEM #BugsR4Girls

We leave you this Friday afternoon with an image of the beautiful Idaho landscape. This picture was captured last month by Tim Bennett, VP of Western Operations. #MotherNatureIsAwesome #BeautifulPlaces

After covering many miles in Texas and Florida, assisting with post-hurricane #mosquito relief efforts, Dr. Broox Boze was finally ready to flip off her flip-flops.
#TheseBootsAreMadeForWalking #SafetyFirst #MosquitoManagement #MosquitoLife #killinit #docette

Teams from Colorado, Missouri, Mississippi, and Arkansas joined our team in Florida, to assist with relief efforts after Irma. #EmployeeAppreciation#MosquitoManagement #EmergencyResponse

Dr. Broox Boze and Field Technician, Eric Lautzenheiser are in Texas setting traps in some of the communities affected by Harvey. Their #surveillance efforts will help our team understand the mosquito population in given areas. #ProtectingPublicHealth #MosquitoManagement

#Dragonflies have a 95% success rate at capturing prey! With #mosquitoes on their menu, Field Technician, Trevor Gregoire was eager and able to straighten the wing on this injured dragonfly. #Nature #Insects #MosquitoHunters

Our team discovered #mosquito larvae in tires discarded along the roadside. Do you have old #tires on your property? Contact your local government to learn if a #TireAmnesty program exists in your area. #SourceReduction #DrainAndDump

Don’t forget to cover outdoor gear that can collect water. Our team discovered the #mosquito larvae of the Aedes albopictus in this Jeep’s cup holders. #YardInspection #JeepLife #SourceReduction #UnwantedDiscovery

You made it to #Friday, America! Despite the challenging field work, our Colorado team keeps smiling! #DirtyJobs #NeverGiveUp #EmployeeAppreciation #MosquitoManagement

High West Nile virus activity brought our aerial team into the Idaho skies last month. Program Manager, Justin Huse captured part of the mission.  #MosquitoManagement #ProtectingPublicHealth #WNV

Pilot Paul Heideman captured this amazing wall of rain while conducting a recent aerial mission in Florida. #avgeek #aviation #MotherNature #WeatherPhoto #mosquitomanagement

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