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Thoughts: Currently I’m feeling a little bit lost - not in a negative way. It is more the feeling I have to figure out what is good for me, what friends are good for my energy and what friends are just taking energy without giving anything back. I have fought a lot and there was so much fury inside of me. I always had to deal with me, understanding why I’m so full of spirit and never satisfied with the status quo - always wanting more and looking for more. I want to arrive. Not somewhere specific - I’m searching for my inner peace that leads me to the right choices and decisions, to people to feel comfortable with.

Anzeige | Hot town, summer in the city - but never too hot to wear casual boots 💋 Wearing biker boots LAGUARDIA by Thomas Hayo for @chrickit #crickit #boots #nogamesjudtstyle #thomashayo

Anzeige | Throw back to the amazing event with @oddmolly in Hamburg with the girls 😍 Sooo obsessed with these patterns and the beautiful collection 💕#oddmolly

Anzeige | Na, das Wetter macht im Norden noch nicht ganz so mit. Aber Zeit für frühlingshafte Looks ist es allemal 😘 Sandaletten via @goertz #goertz #stylecommunity

One of my favorites is cherry blossom in my hometown 🌸😍 #ootdfashion #parkajacket #chelseaboots #fashioninspiration

Anzeige | Denim is timeless! Und perfekt für den Übergang. Heute auf dem Blog verrate ich euch drei Styling-Regeln für den Übergang zum Frühling, denn die Jahreszeit kann in Deutschland echt ihre Tücken haben und deswegen solltet ihr immer ein Ass im Ärmel haben, falls euch 'ne steife Brise oder ein Schauer überraschen. Wie ihr dem Wetter stilsicher begegnet, zeige ich euch mit meinen Lieblingsteilen von @mystreetone. #MyStreetOne #StreetOne

Anzeige | Feels like Spring 💐Ich habe mich für euch bei @goertz im Flagshipstore nach den Schuh-Trends für Spring/Summer 2018 umgeschaut. Dazu gehören offene Muels - seht alle Trendschuhe jetzt in meiner Story 🤗 #goertz #stylecommunity

Don‘t shed a tear because something happened - just smile about the experience you had 💕

Anzeige | Casual Street Look 🤙🏼 Easy to wear: A timeless striped dress is easily to combine and to upgrade or downgrade a look. Wear casually with sneakers and parka or do it more chic like me with overknees, a beltbag and long blazer. Wearing a trendpiece dress by @mystreetone #MyStreetOne #StreetOne

Forget how much it hurts and try again 💕 #morley

Hello April!! End of fears, end of doubts. I want to start a positivity challenge with you guys: This week I want us to pick one thing that we don’t like in our characters, I want us to focus on it for exactly 7 days and try to avoid and replace with a nice characteristic. My bad characteristic is that sometimes it is hard for me to don’t let others feel when I’m upset. What’s yours? 📲 Diary-Post zum Thema auf dem Blog 📲 Link in Story

Finally s u m m e r f e e l i n g s in my hometown Hamburg. ☀️☀️☀️

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