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Vladimir Šoić  Rijeka, Croatia..... //Travel & outdoor photography// ...climbing...traveling...shooting pics...coffee....cigarettes... //vsoic14@gmail.com//

I always thought of June being an equivalent of Friday. You know Saturday (July) is coming and you know it's gonna be great. It almost never is. It's just a mediocre day when you're doing nothing smart with yourself and you're always more excited waiting for it to come then you are when it actually arrives. As with most things in life. But you still love it. Then comes Sunday (August). It's still a weekend but you know what's coming tomorrow and you hate it. Well, Monday is here. And this is how it looks like in my hometown.

Making generalizations is never a smart thing. Besides I don't know what happens between four house walls but I would say the world of India is a men's world. At least if you count public spaces. Men occupy the streets, women are passing by.

Summer rain started falling and soon enough the fog came down on us. And for a brief moment we found ourselves in this horror-like, surreal environment

Woman with a child in Varanasi...

Morning light over Essaouira, Morocco.

One of the cool things about living in the north Adriatic area is that you're physically close to everywhere. Two hours of driving and you're on an Austrian border. Add 30 min more and you're in Venice. Add some more time and you're in Vienna, Budapest or on a German border. It took us two hours to reach this climbing crag in Austria. It wasn't always like that.  Generations grew up trying to smuggle stuff bought in Italy across the border, facing heavy controls. Now the borders are open and fluid. Still, if you grew up with this notion of hard, controlled and impenetrable border this feeling never really leaves you. There's always a feeling of discomfort as you approach it, as if the System is saying "I'm still here, watching...".

With @maverick2go behind the camera on one side and one of the most notorious vagabonds, wanderlusters and bull fighters (who's identity I will not reveal) in the world on the other side, I felt like a well nurtured child. The only thing left to do was to sit on the window, light up the cigarette and not worry about what tomorrow brings. Better. Because one day after tomorrow I will pass out somewhere in the Iranian desert, trusting my life with an unknown car driver who was handing me some unidentified pills which I accepted without too many questions. Good. My body is still alive. My souls is still wandering the Iranian desert.

Armed with a bad hangover and even worse attitude I started strolling the streets of Varanasi looking for the capture that portrays all the craziness of this fascinating city. Instead I got something really endemic in a place like this... a picture that transcends solitude. Didn't help my hangover though. .

There are moments in life when you're left speechless. This is one of them. I'm speechless. Nothing to write down. My mind is empty. Enjoy the picture.

I came to Jama Masjid mosque very early, around 6 am. The local guard at the entrance was still in dream land so I quickly sneaked past him. I never miss an opportunity to bypass rules and regulations, especially when it comes to paying for something but this time I managed to find some kind of moral justification in my act. I, as a foreigner am obliged to pay for the entrance while the local people are not. I can see the logic behind that but I still find that discriminating. So without any moral burden I entered the mosque. However, after 15 minutes of strolling around I saw the guard running after me with a piece of cloth. Looking quite annoyed the guard explained I need to pay for the entrance and I need to put on the piece of cloth around my waist as wearing short pants is not allowed inside the mosque. Being sure in my masculinity I’ve put on this nice dress. Being sure he will kick me out if I try to enforce my principles, I paid for the entrance. So much about my principles.

From that night in Bulgaria I remember two things... we've set the cave on fire. And we froze our asses. Glad we did it but I'd never do it again. Unless....

It's not how you fall. It's how you land.... or something like that. It was a lucky shot this one. With free fall acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s one needs to be quite careful with shutter speed in order to get it right. I did it. Not much to do with me though. Luckily the speed was already set up and I captured this happy face accelerating at 9.8 m/s/s.

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