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Vinny Casey  2019 Trying to Figure Out Which Sanctioned Events to Do πŸ•΅οΈ 2018 CrossFit 10th Fittest in South Regional 🏜️ 2018 CrossFit 2nd Fittest in Colorado πŸ”οΈ

Due to large weakness when it comes to "bitch work", I decided to follow @misfitathletics for my programming. Feels good to work on stuff I suck at more often. Now to mark off which sanctioned event I wanna do and not come in 10th again πŸ˜‚

Less than half of these contain @laura_dipaolo . The people have spoken #cut

23 has been a great year! A lot of cool stuff to look back on this year from placing top 10 at regionals indivudally, to repeating as @thefittestexperience pro team champs, and a top 20 elite team finish @thewodapalooza. Finished as the 2nd Fittest in Colorado my first year at altitude and couldn't breathe in the process lmao. On the professional side of things, I've received a work promotion and continue to grow in my career. This year I will compete indivudally and on a team, since I enjoy doing both. Goal will always be to earn a games spot individually first and foremost however, since that's the pinnacle of the sport. Thanks everyone for the support this year! Aiming for my next competition to be towards the second half of 2019. #24yearsyoung

Missing Ireland and @eggrollz4u being single #jk

My travel partner ✈️ We make it a priority to see as much of this 🌎 as we can. Congrats to our friends @eggrollz4u and @pb_and_jamjam for sealing the deal! We had a blast. Now to get our dual citizenships πŸ€” #happiLIeverafter #Litobe

Dingle is Dope #LitoBe

Wishing our best to Brad and Allie! #oneHEGofawedding

The first grandson/daughter gets married #onehegofawedding The dress shoe tank top combo is the new look

1.) Hydrofoil across wake
2.) Surf on knees
3.) Instant CTE

Bright and early surf to start the day β˜€οΈπŸŒŠ

That one hurt. Courtesy of @coach.batman | 20 Min EMOM 1.) 20 Cal Row 2.) 1 DBall 150# (Increase By 1 Rep Every Round). @inertiasupplyco always repping, use code β€œVinny” for a discount!

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