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Crushed it ✅
Celebrate all your wins, big or small. ✌️
🎥: @landon.early

We love our people. We love throwing confetti when it’s our people’s birthdays. HBD, @friedokahlo 🎉 (🎥: @landon.early)

We’re celebrating 3 years of crushing it down in Chattanooga. Each day has something worth celebrating. 🎉 Go forth, find it and tell us about it.👇
(🎥: @landon.early)

#ifVMwerea 🍞🍩 // What bagel/cream cheese combo would you be, and why? Tell us 👇

#ifVMwerea 🐶 // What type of dog would you be, and why? Tell us 👇

🚨 9-year Vaynerversary alert 🚨 @marcuskrz started at VM back in its scrappiest days as an “Associate.” That’s not even a thing now. And since it’s also #tbt, here are some of the greatest hits from those days, starting with him going IN for the wifi in our very first office. Marcus has changed roles and VM has changed digs many times since then, but here’s what hasn’t changed: Marcus is still quick with a joke, still great at making friends with anyone, still owns, etc. The only major noticeable change has been his miraculous transition from tee-shirts and jeans to his trademark slim-fit button downs and khakis — evidence of human evolution! Now he’s Gary’s Chief of Staff, handling everything from scaling projects to making sure VM is running as effectively as possible. He’s basically the right hand of the entire company, and we are lucky to have him. Happy 9Y and thank you kindly, Po!

#ifVMwerea 🎬🎥 // What film genre would you be, and why? Tell us 👇

#ifVMwerea 🐳🐙🌊 // What type of sea creature would you be, and why? Tell us 👇

#ifVMwerea 🍝 // What type of pasta noodle would you be, and why? Tell us 👇 .
This week we’re applying our fave brainstorm/photoshoot icebreakers to VM. Swipe 👉 for some inventive responses, keep an eye out for more questions, and head to our story for a BTS look at one of the many video shoots that gives VM that 🔥 content.

Last but not least on #VMPrideParade is the heart of @VaynerMedia, @claudesilver! •

For Claude, being able to walk her walk is 100% essential in life, both as a human and a leader. “Creating a community of belonging wherever I am is the most important thing i can do. It is my responsibility, and it is my honor to represent.” •

In living her truth, Claude is key in making VaynerMedia feel like a #SafeSpace for the rest of us, especially for #vmpride. Claude – thank you for the good vibes and the joy. ❤️🧡💛💚💙

📸: @juniornarvaez

Day 5 on the #VMPrideParade kicks off with Creative Director @rmagia. Like @beyonce, Rishi was born in Texas, then spent half his life growing up in Saudi Arabia before eventually making his way to NYC for that #adlife.

For Rishi, being out at work is about authenticity and visibility. “I believe the best creative is produced when you bring your most authentic self to your work, regardless of what brand you are assigned to. And as a creative leader, I think visibility is powerful. I am an out, gay man of color in a field that has had historically low representation of diversity, and I think it's important for me to be open and honest about my identity in the hopes that it inspires someone else to live as authentically as they can.”

After growing up in a conservative culture and living in a strict Middle Eastern country and Southeast Texas, it’s no wonder that Rishi’s #SafeSpace is New York City. “New York became my beacon of hope at a young age. I came out a few months after moving here because this city provided me with the courage, confidence, and safety to do so. I owe much of my personal and professional success to this city, and it's not lost on me how lucky I am to be here.” 📸: @juniornarvaez

From Matamoros, México 🇲🇽 to The Big Apple 🍎 – Senior Account Executive @esteriveraso recently joined the VaynerMedia fam. •
When asked about his experience being “out” at work, Esteban emphasized how bringing your true self to work is the same as bringing your best self to work. To him, this also fosters an environment of acceptance and tolerance that is better for everyone. •
Aside from being an amazing SAE, Esteban is also a painter, so his #SafeSpace is the art studio he uses for his art. Esteban really values the time he makes for himself, so aside from the art studio, he enjoys anywhere he can be alone with his thoughts, which is often just the neighborhood coffee shop. •

#VMPrideParade 📸: @juniornarvaez

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