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Sergio Apaez | Makeup Artist  Makeup Artistry. For bookings �

Had fun doing this shooting! Grateful to work with such talented people. #mua #makeup #malegrooming #tvhost #nbccharlotte #nbc #newsanchor #vausmakeup #sergioapaez
What an amazing portraiture photo shoot it was with @therealfredshropshire It was an honor! Thank you @alinopizzeria for letting us shoot at your Mill ! And thank you @pacpublicrelations @fashiondlux @charlotte_fashion_plate @vausmakeup @sebastian_dohnke

#mua #makeup #charlotte #beauty #model #makeupartist
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📸 @olls_yung 💄 @vausmakeup "Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life." Proverbs 4:23.

This year I started really taking this verse seriously. like- Really seriously.
What that means for me in a practical sense is this:
I don't watch things that make me sad.
I don't listen to things that make me sad. (Even if I like the song, it's out. )
I don't watch things or go to places that make me fearful.(even if it's supposed to be 'fun')
I limit my time around negative people. (Rule of thumb, as long as I'm influencing them positively it's good- as soon as they start influencing me negatively it's time to go.) I don't ponder on negative "what if's", but dream about the positive ones.
If I'm having a crappy day- I don't plan out the rest of my life. (same goes for if I'm hungry or tired, these are not times to make life altering choices.)
I don't think of all the negative things people could be thinking about me. Instead, I think of the positive things they could be thinking about me. (except I've realized more often than not- people are not thinking of you. They're thinking about them. So this is a bit of an irrational selfish thing we do.. for no reason.)
I work on one bad thought at a time. Not all of them, and I do not connect unrelated failures.
I separate my worth from my accomplishments. They are not related.
I try to keep my mind off me, and work harder at caring for others.
Y'all this stuff WORKS. "Be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear" wasn't just a nursery rhyme- it's practical life advice and should be taken seriously. You become what you focus on.
Hard situations are so much easier to handle when you've limited the avoidable ones. This has really helped me so I hope it can help you as well. xoxo

En taping de @pequenosof 🇲🇽❤️❤️❤️ foto con ma bella @galileamontijo eres una Reina!! @nacho #divino #pequeñosgigantes #televisa #lafabricadesueños #mexico #tvhost #singer #grateful #agradecido

...Pequeños Gigantes! #pequeñosgigantes #televisa #taping #grateful #agradecido #mexico Gracias @jorgebeltranhair
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Los quiero 💕💕

Taking a walk through this beautiful city...#mexico #arte #friends #grateful #gracias 📸 @daniellezama

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