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dylan  player for vault rocket league nerd

little shot i want to hit. nothing too special just like the way it looks :) (and yes its eb lol)

ayo go follow my boy @p3rcnt kids a beast and just started insta! go check him out!!!

today is a sad day for me. been listening to linkin park for 10 years then see that the lead singer (Chester Bennington) was announced dead today by suicide. Also used a song that I liked so yea.
song: Linkin Park - Waiting For The End

R.I.P Chester Bennington 3-20-76 -- 7-20-17

first for syn rc. prob not gonna get in but hoping it makes new opportunities for other teams :D

first shot back on mw3 and a hm. yea but used this song in my ep around early 2015 lol

something @vekays made when me @vekays @vault.brizy and @distaants played prop hunt xD

2 terrible leftovers with a overused song. just needed to post :)

I liked the way this looked. Took me a bit to hit but it was pretty beast.

Beast campaign 2 piece! Also a slowed down version since no killcam.

I was grinding this for a bit lol. The slide dive stall looked pretty cool. And the HM is just a absolute R.I.P :(

Nice little hardcore AW shot with a nice zelda themed beat. Gonna try to focus on a bit more of online :D also rejoined vault ofc

Instagram gets to see my video early ;) hit this stinker on @vekays lol. Gonna try to post more content like this :)

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