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vault.speedy vault.speedy

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dylan / speedy  player for vault / dz (the good one) rocket league nerd initial d


literally its so easy to join teams lol. but heres my joined dz by siab. (if you didn't know who siab was before this look him up.)

really have no new shots so heres some random clips on my pc. if i wake up to over 500 views i'll do a giveaway tomorrow. ok then no giveaway :(

cool lefty. and if u know what game this songs from. you're instantly my homie period. btw it was an adalia skree mnac.

2 shots, both on carrier, both bad, and the goat is playing. GG. easily my favorite sync on accident.

been busy with school so i barely have time to hit good shots but here's a cool lefty. sadly had to get it from xbox -_- (and the kid was somewhere up-top lol.) hit with @vekays

2 mega leftovers. 1 pm, 1 online. Trying to stay active but not trying to post garbage shots 24/7

yea i joined era. heres a few shots and last post of summer.

2 bo2 shots that will be in my next ep. my intro is in edit for avian so ya :D

so first clip is my first non modded boatbang lmao then 2nd is a kid i beasted in tricky with super jump then 3rd was a shot i wanted to hit but messed up on lmao.

song: nav - minute

hit a nice waw shot last night. this is soooo much fun to play but yea just have nothing to post so sorry for being super inactive

oh yea the xp bar is goofed because someone gave me a ingame recovery that didnt even stick so ya

today is a sad day for me. been listening to linkin park for 10 years then see that the lead singer (Chester Bennington) was announced dead today by suicide. Also used a song that I liked so yea.
song: Linkin Park - Waiting For The End

R.I.P Chester Bennington 3-20-76 -- 7-20-17

first for syn rc. prob not gonna get in but hoping it makes new opportunities for other teams :D

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