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Start the day with a good bawl while hearing a lovely message from my two amazing daughters. Finish the day cooking a BBQ with tri-meats & my new 12 year old Scotch & my new axe. (The first in my new axe collection). Just busy over here blowing apart masculine stereotypes on my 35th birthday. Thanks for all the kind messages & well wishes. ILY ❤️

#PleaseTellMeThatIsNotYourPenis Thanks to everyone at ShortlandStreet for engaging our immature antics like champions. Much love. PS: Michael Galvin totally saw my penis.

August got her first flower from a boy today... not even 3 & already raking in the Valentines! I also like this kids attitude giving Valentines early to be first. Shiiiiit I'm 34 & I still can't be early to anything.

First day of Kindy vs First Day of School. 2013 vs 2017. So proud of how my wee thing handled her first day of school. She also bet a boy at a game called "Push", where you lock hands & try to push them down. I said she needed a catchphrase for after her victories. I suggested "if you come at the Queen you better not miss" So much has changed in 4 years but 100% love & Raglan tees haven't.

Today one of my finest creations turns 5. This morning I asked her when she wanted to open presents, she said "after breakfast I don't want anyone being hungry during the presents" then let her sister open half of them so she didn't feel left out. I don't know what we could have ever done to deserve such a sweet heart but we're stoked we've got her. And She's even more regal & precious in slow motion. 😍😍😍

Couple of classssssy dames on Waiheke. #RoséAllDaé

The Graduate. Last day at Kindy today for Indie. 5th birthday tomorrow. Actual birthday Monday. School starts Tuesday. If I get to Wednesday without needing a cry in the garage it will be a bloody miracle. Proud of this wee human & her kind soul.

Today we went back to Ye Olde Story Tree. Thus named because of the great natural seat to tell stories to the masses from. Today August gives her take on the 3 Little Pigs. Indie joins her for take 2. Neither stick to the traditional script.

Old mate Indie at the Zoo today wanted her photo in the Auckland Zoo ute cut out. Gets in puts her arm up on the window like a real old mate. I laugh & say "what are you doing?" She says "Dad, when you drive a ute you have to do this so you can wave at other people driving utes, don't you know anything about driving utes?" Apparently not. I don't know the ute protocol on eating the ute like August though. #UteEtiquette #OldMate

When you've been through a cherry 🍒 based obstacle course, but look like you've been involved in a bloody massacre, yet you still look cute & set rural lads hearts aflutter. #AllInADaysWork #TeviotValley #CherryChaos

Went Blueberry picking with the fam today in Ohaupo. One of us was taking the "One for the Bucket. One for Me" rule very seriously. Can't wait for the 💩 tomorrow.... 😑

Home 🇳🇿. 🤝✈️❤️