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Someone was pretty jazzed to come to work with Dad & just eat lollies, shoot nerf guns & play with puppies. My sick days used to involve reading Reader's Digest & flat lemonade. Thiiiiiiiiings have changed. #2017vs1987

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers! And according to August it's "Uncle Grandma's Day" too. So if you fall into that very niche category, happy days to you also Uncle Grandma. ❤️ you Sharts McGee. Indie told me today you're probably the best mum in the world, because she hasn't met them all, so she doesn't know who the actual best is. But you're up there. That's what counts.

Ten points to Gryffindor/Hufflepuff/Slytherin/Ravenclaw if you can guess what word I am on the verge of screaming in this still from @vivaladirt's new web series #REKT. CLUE: it's not "FAAAANTASTIC"...

Sometimes you need a bedtime story about a powerful female figure read to you by a power female figure as a guy dressed like you sneaks into your room to film the whole thing. It's a long story. But you'll never have a more polite house guest than @lordemusic. Although she made her mum sit in the car the whole time. Ultimate role reversal. But she let her out for a wee breather at one stage. Lovely to have you visit too @sonjayelich 😂😂

Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 is out today and I am beyond jazzed about it! But unfortunately we are still overseas, so I can’t see the movie today, so instead we turned our rental car into “Milano” (Starlord’s ship) with the help of the Awesome Mix Vol 2 & went on a #GotGVol2 musical road trip. Sharde (oooor Gamora as I referred to her as) obviously loved it. Obviously… Look at that little loving it face. Loves it. ❤️s it heaps.

Day 1 in Samoa was 5 Chahooos out of a possible 5 chahooos. Highlights included watching @nzsharde smash a whole lobster while I ate a fisherman's basket. Mine was good. But A WHOLE BLOODY LOBSTER! I'm not talking just the dainty eating of the tail. She was cracking legs and shell scooping, it was like an enjoyably delicious massacre to watch! And it was $38NZD. For a lobster! Madness.

This mornings reaction to the Easter Bunny tracks. I managed to sneak down & hide my phone before the girls woke up. But Indie tells me that August saw the foot prints first, freaked out. Hid in the room & refused to leave until Indie confirmed the Easter Bunny was no longer in the house. 🐰🏡🥚🍫

Just heard a weird noise downstairs. Went to have a look & it seems we've had a visitor!! She's as sneaky now as when I was a kid. Good work Easter Bunny. Even dodged around the dog in the laundry. Although it's a safe bet Lulu would have done nothing. Hardly a threat! #Easter #EasterBunny #🐰 #FootPrintsTasteLikeCocoa #ICantWaitToGetToldOffForMakingAMess

Pizza pals. Set the girls up watching some Ryan's Toy Review & went to the garage to sort some stuff, came back to this. I said "is that comfortable?" & I was told "you only need one hand to eat pizza & one arm to hug your sister" and then I had to go back to the garage to sort myself out. 😭😭😭😭

Not baaaaaaad seats for Adele. Shardé's $300 panic purchase has paid dividends.

This amazing little biscuit biked 8.5kms today with one break (we both needed a wee in the bush, I actually needed the wee, I think Indie just wanted to be able to say she also took a wee in a bush. I taught her a great outdoor wee technique & she said she might just wee outside at home now, so that's going to need some explaining at school) but 2 weeks ago she needed training wheels on the footpath & now she's a MAAAAAAACHINE. 🚴🏻‍♀️😍😍

Monday tomorrow. She gets it.

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