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Morrinsville's finest non-rugby playing, dairy-free export that isn't a mushroom and Jacinda Ardern. She's doing okay too. But does she spend 25 minutes a day rewatching the original episodes of DuckTales in preparation for the new series? I doooooon't think she does. #TooBusyForDucktales

Indie and August took the Go Pro to make a movie. They came back saying they couldn't get it going. I checked. This was the video they had made. I call it "August is trapped in your phone". Haha

Indie had some good school results & as a reward chose a piñata. She went from sweet, innocent, animal loving, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly angel into a Lolly wanting, blood thirsty rage machine in 0 seconds. It's Piñata Time!

Indie & August hit the kitchen to make some cupcakes for the #SPCACupcakeDay. The whole video is on our Facebook page (link in bio) along with the answer to the question asked 1000 times in this video. Get involved. Do it for the 🐶s and 🐱s!

So kids celebrate 100 days at school these days by telling their Dads last minute that they need to make a shirt celebrating 100 days at school. So 100 Heart stickers (from the only shop open at 6.30) on a Raglan Tee was my Dad-Fix. I even told Indie "say it's because you've loved every day" and she said "I have a better reason!" I said "what is it?" She said "its a secret"... I've just learned that her reason to the class was "Dad forgot & this was all he could find" ... Not as poetic. Much more honest.

These school holidays the girls have been wanting to make "videos" like their YouTube heroes (they've only asked 1000 or so times). I finally caved when our old hometown Morrinsville mates from @tatuadairyco sent us a wee Hot Chocolate pack. This is the fun they had with the Tatua Dairy Whip while making the hot chocolates & you can see the whole video at our brand spanking new Facebook page. Link in bio. Unfortunately the #TheTatuaTouch isn't a magical cleaning one touch operation. That was up to Dad. #SprinklesEVERYWHERE

The excitement levels when it's been 8 weeks since you've been to the farm and it's raining but you've got stock to feed, fences to move & 100 odd calves' arrival to prep for. #TripleTrouble

My angelic first born's first school photo. Today we also found out her little year 1 squad came 2nd in a Years 1 & 2 book quiz. Indie said one friend knew all the answers, Indie put them into the iPad, her other pal just stared at the other team to put them off & one girl needed to go to the toilet during it. Basically a dream team. Also it seems she has inherited Dad's inability to have a natural looking smile on camera. 😬 @nzsharde LOOK AT WHAT WE MAAAAAAADE!!

Basically @tomholland2013 & @robertdowneyjr over here for Spiderman Homecoming NZ Under 6 division. Off to a Super hero party as their favourites. #SupHER #HERoes

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Slytherin of the Household (Indie & I are Hufflepuffs, Shardé is a Ravenclaw). Auggie you're the strongest willed, most rubber faced, loveable lunatic I know. Today you tried to charge me "twenty dollars" for a hug, last night you woke me up at 2.30am to tell me that hadn't finished all your Easter eggs & yesterday you told me there had better be treats at home, in a threatening manner, then laughed in my face. I love you like you love pasta & doing thumbs up. Happy Birthday Auggie.

This kid. She broke her arm today at lunchtime soccer training. She chose me to take her to A&E (Major Dad victory right Dads?) Sat like a champ at A&E waiting for 2.5 hours. Got prodded, X-rays & a cast without complaining, pulled this ridiculous face with me and when I said we wouldn't be able to go to Fiji this weekend anymore, she apologized for her arm ruining the holiday & that Auggie wouldn't get to play Moana on the beach. 😭😭😭 Soccer is our cursed sport. I broke my ankle playing it. Shardé broke 2 wrists. ⚽️ = 👿

August's Moana Themed 3rd Birthday. Biiiiig day for the Smith girls. August ate her weight in cake & pizza. She met her hero Moana & loved singing and playing with her. My cake unfortunately met its end overnight as it leaked throughout the fridge #JellyTooEarly. But the professional's cake saved the day. Teaching me the important lesson, ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP CAKE!! #Saboteur

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