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Clinton Douglas IV  Father of seven and a proud husband. Learn a simple way to leave the bone-crushing 40 Hour Work Week. [Click Link Below]

I can accept failure everyone fails at something but what I cannot accept is not trying. Michael Jordan

Most Valuable Player NBA basketball world champion and billionaire businessman said that he is not willing to accept not trying. I want you to think about that for a moment... not trying there's no excuse for it.
You gotta just do it just like the Nike commercial says or you're destined for failure for the rest of your life in all that you do. So I encourage you today to just get up and do whatever you are procrastinating to do.
Your success comes as a direct result of your actions today. Where you are in life right now are from decisions you made three to five years ago. So in order for you to be successful right now take Massive Action and achieve your goals. via @vasrue2

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination. Earl Nightingale

I was reading a book today from Earl Nightingale and one of the things that he was talking about was how successful people are very skilled at asking open ended questions to gain more information knowledge and insight to become even more successful.
Now me being the father of 7 my kids have always asked questions that would lead to the answer that they were looking for. And that's what one of the things that Earl Nightingale was talking about in the book was that kids can be the greatest teachers when it comes to success....even the Bible talks about that. Thoughts to consider a question to consider for example; people ask "how do you build an Instagram account?" I have successfully build my Instagram account from the zero to almost 10,000 followers from the advice of a millionaire. In fact he tasked me to go out and find simple hashtags of related niches and build a database of these hashtags. So while building this database of hashtags I became fond of what people are looking for on Instagram. I learn even more tip strategies and techniques of how to gain Instagram followers by providing quality content. So if you really want to know the plan the road map and the courage to get to your destination then it is up to you to ask the right questions and surround yourself with successful people. If you like this Instagram post please like comment and share it. via @vasrue2

The journey is better than the end Earl Nightingale said that.

Goals are a way of keeping you on course to where you want to go in life. It's Sunday night many people are planning for the holidays. However Zig Ziglar said write down three things that you want to accomplish when you wake up in the morning.

Now these three things should be something that is going to put you one step closer to your goals. What were those 3 things that's going to put you closer to your goal and that you want to accomplish in the morning.

Before we can do something we must be something. We must grow into the person that we want to become. I trust that this little piece advice put you on a path that's going to lead you to the results you want in life. Please Comment, Like and Share! via @vasrue2

Live at concert Bruno Mars

It's not how do i get there...... but setting the intentions and letting the details work itself out......Power of intentions.....what's on your bucket list......where do you want to go? What's holding you back from getting there??? Your boat is waiting ready for departure......just tell the Captain where you want to go!

One of the greatest stories I've ever heard about success was listening to Anthony Robbins tell the rocky story. In this Rocky story couple things that come to mind about Sylvester Stallone. Let's look at some of the facts about Sylvester Stallone.
He was told he was stupid he would never be a success he was thrown out of 1500 agents office trying to sell his story about Rocky. One of the things that inspired Stallone to become successful was reading Edgar Allan Poe's books. Who taught him that it's not about him and he needs to go help other people. Here are some of the things that he had to do in order to be successful. He was broke he sold his wife's Jewelery, sold his dog for $25 and could not afford anything. When he wrote Rocky it took them 20 hours of running Non-Stop.
When Stallone was on stage at the Oscars receiving an award for Rocky he had read everything that people said about him when he received his award. He said Revenge is a good thing when you take Massive Action and then people get jealous of your success. If you liked this post please leave a comment or a like!

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The biggest risk is not taking any in the world that quickly changed the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking any risks. Mark Zuckerberg

One thing in throughout life we are taught conventional wisdom in that taking risks can be dangerous and lead to failure. However if you look at the countless entreprenuers over the last hundred years or more even great rulers you took risks or always the one who had the greatest rewards. Sometimes we are paralyzed in thought of what to do next when it comes to increasing my financial wealth or even to have a better life. Therefore in that moment we must realize that taking risks is a part of life it's natural and we only learn when we take risk and we have success or failure.
We don't learn when we don't take any risks at all. If you like this post please type a comment like or share with a friend.

Obstacles are those frightful things when you take your eyes off your goals Henry Ford. I want you to think about that for a second when you have the faith your goals can be achieved when you're fearful or you have the doubt that's when you lose side of your goals and end up losing your goals because you're not faithful. I ran into many obstacles in my lifetime and keeping the faith knowing with your goal is is a best way to accomplish them. Hit like if you agree or comment on the post to share your thoughts.

The most intriguing thing about the human mind🤓 is that we are taught things in the lessons last a lifetime. The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it from you. Everyday we need to learn something new that's going to improve our business or life and our mindset.
The question becomes today did you pick up a book to learn new ideas or did you listen to an audio from a mentor or a coach. It only takes one good idea to have a very successful day monetary or a win on the board. Make today the best that you can.

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All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream Edgar Allan Poe

It has been said that we are a song of our thoughts of the last several years. Think about that for a moment life may seem but a dream because we have thought ourselves in the exact position that we are right now. So if you want to change your future right now behold the power to do so by changing their mindset right now today for the future. We can't change the past but we can change our future but change in our thoughts right now. Click like or comment if you are with me on changing your mindset for a better future.

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