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INTERNATIONAL MASTER OF SPORT  Russian National champion , RU 🇷🇺Record Holder 226kg c&j at 94kg BW 💻online international weightlifting group #VasFit ,🌍available for seminars

Today's snatch without contact, without explosion 150/160/170kg сегодняшний рывок без подрыва , по другому , протяжка в сед с разбросом ног 150/160/170кг

Do you remember 😉!?

Night walking around Boston , Central Park
Ночная прогулка по Бостону , центральный парк

Some moments from hidden camera 🎥 😄
From bay state games
Засняли на скрытую камеру )) короткий момент моего тренерства на соревнованиях )) 😄👍
#weightlifting #baystategames

Our princess @jadalisss won today a gold medal 🎖on the Bay State Games !! I won myself today too , and My congrats to me that I woke up special for that at 7am 😝today )) ok I kidding, my congrats to all our guys who are were competing today too , and who are also have a gold medals or just have a personal records , everyone was good today !! Everyone ☝️️!! Good job guys and girls !!! I had a good fun time today !! Thank to all and good luck to all for next preparations and competitions !! ‼️And special thank for Donny Venterosa ! He is also on this picture !! I have a big respect to this MAN !! It is owner the gym #Norwoodtraingcenter , where we are have a chance to train, he made and fixed all platforms yesterday- for you guys !! all bars and plates were from our gym , from Norwood weightlifting!! You are have seen many videos with these plates and bars with me , @ilyailyin_4ever @yashakahn and many other strong athletes !! Today you are all were using these plates and bars from our gym !!! All for you my brothers weightlifters !! We are love you , we are respecting you !! The way only forward!! Only new records and progress !!

My VIP guest

Did you ask me what is mean for me a bad day ?? )) welcome, you can see that now at this videos 😠, half of snatch 190kg , but honestly I did big jump 120,160 ,190 🤔, and no lift , suka blyat 😡, ok ... body weight today 99.7kg

Sauna , pool , jacuzzi.. one of the best stuffs for recovery

Today our guest was the greatest photographer in the world who are working with the best and strongest weightlifters in the world also ! @natarem @hookgrip ! I very appreciate for his visit to our gym #Norwoodweightlifting !! And also I want on behalf of all weightlifters to express to him a huge gratitude for everything that he does for us!!! Thank you Nat !!! You are making our sport much more popular, more interesting, and more colorful!!! And thank you very much for these awesome pictures what you gave to us today !! One more time - I very appreciate that !!
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