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VanVal Vapor  Merchant of succulent nectars. Prices so good that you’ll be rethinking your life come supper time — Proud sponsor of @phattysnaxx

Friendly reminder to get your sticker pics in! Doesn’t matter what you do or how you do it, we just want to see you rep! #vanvalstickercontest

Hey fellas, we want to throw a VanVal sticker contest now that a lot of you have some stickers that we’ve been throwing in the packages. Contest is simple - we’re just looking for you to take the dopest picture you can shoot, with your sticker on anything you can think of, in any manner you wish. The crew here just wants some cool shit to look at and see what you can do with us. If we like what you got, you may just win some free juice😛 First place will get 4, 125ml bottles, Second will get 3, Third will get 2🍼 Just use tag #vanvalstickercontest so that we can find them. Contest will run for two weeks so that we can give you the time to adventure to the most extreme spots in the world to show Mr. VanVal. SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!🗿

October 1st folks. Time to break out the apple pie😛 Been waiting three months to drip this

Cobbler is just around the corner🍑

Look at what Jake and I found in LA the other night. First time we’ve really seen any public activism for the flavor ban. Couldn’t help but laugh when I saw it. #WeDoNotSellPrimeTimes - Mass manipulation is a tricky bitch, though.


C’mon folks, you’re looking at roughly 6.5 gallons of juice right here, screaming your name, looking for a proper home to be consumed in. Go make their day and give them a proper home. Please, I’m sick of listening to their begging😩

**We strongly encourage everyone to read this, but for those of you who are short on time or hate to read (like us!), TAKE 35% OFF OUR ENTIRE SITE THROUGH SUNDAY (NO CODE NEEDED)**
Since my brother, Nick, and I started VanVal Vapor we have done everything in our power to offer a premium class of juice for the most outstanding prices that we could afford.  It has been our mission to offer our customers the utmost transparency while simultaneously working to provide an economical incentive for individuals to focus on their health by cutting out cancer sticks.  As many of you know, Nick and I had to begin crafting our own juice because we could no longer afford to purchase it in store due to the astronomical pricing that some companies wish to charge their customers.  For us, the decision was between making our own juice or going back to smoking cigarettes.  We vow to never put any of you into that same position.  With that, it pains me to inform you of some upcoming changes that we will be implementing to our current pricing structure beginning Sunday night.  As many of you also know, we recently moved into a large facility to help streamline orders, gather better equipment to speed up delivery, open up a storefront over here in Big Sky Country, and to begin offering a handful of surprises that we will be revealing soon for our beloved customers.  Unfortunately, all of this new reshaping of VanVal has put us between a rock and a hard place and we will be required to raise our prices by a marginal amount in order to ensure that you not only receive the best service, juice, and experience as possible - but also so that we area able to begin offering new products, services, hardware, and promotions that will continue to compete with some of the best prices in the industry for the sake of our customers.  Our goal is to become a one-stop-shop for all of your vaping and other vice needs while, again, offering you better pricing than the 99% of the vaping industry.  With that, starting on Sunday night (09.16.18), we will be raising our pricing structure to the following: 17.5ml - $3.99, 65ml - $9.99, 125ml - $17.99, 210ml - $28.49, Sample Packs - $21.99.

Kickin it like donkies and swingin it like monkies🐒

Hail the King⚔️

Roll my mechmod down the board walk and treat these babies as bowling pins

Not your average rhinoceros🦏

We’ve never really been a fan of sponsorships. It seems that too many people that are looking for sponsors are just in it to get handouts and aren’t really invested in the motive of the company. In one instance we’ve had, a guy was selling the juice we gave him on various facebook pages just to make a quick dollar. Talk about deception. Needless to say, we we’re a bit turned off by the thought of sponsorships from that.
Enter @phattysnaxx ; Andy actually found us through the video that @vapingwithtwisted419 posted of us, and he had just recently quit smoking cigs, which was costing him $250+ per month. Looking for juice that didn’t cost him his left nut (which would defeat the purpose, right?), he decided to give us a shot and was pleasantly surprised to find a cheap juice that tasted as good to him as the best of them. He saw through the veil that ‘premium’ juice doesn’t have to be sold at the mark up that it is, and that the hyper inflation that the industry has, is, well, bullshit.
It was fun to watch Andy’s page grow and see him adopt our flavors as his own, and truly talk about the merits of vaping as it should be, in its most genuine form, and just so happen to have us be his go-to juice company. It was really a humbling thing to see from our end. Finally, a guy that really gets us and what we are about. Finally, a guy that is passionate and genuine about his personal cause, who is also making the effort to take others along with him. We’ve been waiting two years for someone like this and we had to jump on the opportunity to endorse this beautiful man.
So if you haven’t already, go take a look at @phattysnaxx page and see what you think. He’s a beautiful human being, a family man, an outdoorsman, and is sexy-as-all-get-out. Just look at that face, you can’t deny it. 💦

So yeah, thanks for being you Andy, and for serving as a source of inspiration for us to keep trucking along and spreading the message, as well as the nectar🍯

Stay sexy my dude😘

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