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vantasses vantasses

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shouty and ranty  REJOICE FUCKLAMPS, YOUR GOD HAS RETURNED. YOU MAY NOW REVEL IN THE FUCKING GLORY THAT IS ME. (Karkat, watch y9ur fucking language, y9u stupid h9e.)

i wanna write a thing but im too self conscious about my writing who here cares if i post my shitty writing shit on here

*whispers* roleplay w me

p sure it was dirtytomatoes on tumblr
hhhh i dont quite remember
aNYWAY BABES #equikat #equius #karkat #hhhh

dont. fuck. dualscar.

the lighting is shit kill me before savannah comes to pick me up h u r r y

*flips a small child* iM BORED

i need more active RP accounts following me
and as much as i love OC accounts they dont count because i dont rp with OCs

im gonna tag my top ships for kankri and karkat instead
#erikar #solkat #gamkar #davekat #karnaya(? i dont wanna say kankat bc that could be #vANTASCEST) #arakar #johnkat
#cronkri #mitkri #kurkri(black or pale) #whateverkankriandrufihois #porkri #damkri #meekan(meenahxkankri)
oh OT3s #kanmitkri #johndavekat
damn not quite 20
oh well


@fluffykitty i tried?

i need food p bad yo

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