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Update Pics Yo  Whoop. Elijah liked :)Matt liked 9x :)jay liked 3x :)Kristen liked 2x:)Scotty liked 3x :)Erin liked :)toddy liked 2x:) catherine like 1x

That doesn't even look like Kristen hah

I'm wanna go live

G I miss Elton. It's ok he in Other peoples vlogs

What they did for @officialchiqui was wonderful it made her cry and it made her so happy what they did for her. @officialchiqui @vlogmerch @daviddobrik @heathhussar @vanilladingdongfan @vanilladingdong @jasonnash @toadric @toadysmithyaswell @todderic_

I bought merch but I don't have it it got delivered 2 weeks ago and my mom has it. @lizzzak @lizakoshy @vlogmerch @daviddobrik

I'm posting some photos that they posted while I was gone. @daviddobrik @lizakoshy @lizzzak @vlogmerch

I attempted to sing a spanish song

I just feel like posting this

I couldn't stop laughing @daviddobrik

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