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"When you're down, you're not supposed to hit other people who are down. That's not how you get up. To me, it's as simple as that." At the link in bio, director and @CrashingHBO producer @JuddApatow talks to V.F. about Louis C.K., Kevin Hart, and why some jokes are just wrong. Photograph by @ElizabethRWeinberg.

Will Mahershala Ali be nominated for an Oscar once again this year? Before nominations are announced tomorrow, find out who Vanity Fair predicts will be nominated in 21 Oscar categories (link in bio). Photograph by @MarkSeliger.

"There's something wonderfully nostalgic, even in its cringe-worthiness." At the link in bio, @GillianA talks about "letting it all hang out" in her latest role as a sex therapist and embarrassing single mom on @SexEducation—a far cry from Agent Scully. Photograph by @TerencePatrick.

Happy 40th birthday to actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director @JohnKrasinski! Photograph by @JohnHuba for V.F. April 2008.

Make like @JohnDavidWashington and lounge in style this weekend. 📸: @justbish

Sarah Paulson (@mssarahcatharinepaulson) still remembers seeing Unbreakable, her favorite M. Night Shyamalan film, and loving it “with a fiery passion.” So when she found out she’d landed a role in a follow-up nearly two decades later? “I promptly burst into tears.” At the link in bio, the actress talks about the film’s big twist and that crazy fight scene. Photograph by @justbish.

Sending birthday wishes to the dazzling @DollyParton! Dolly talks to V.F. about people making "a big, damn deal" about her tattoos at the link in bio. Photograph by @MarkSeliger for V.F. November 2006.

"If you're free soloing, it is about perfection execution or certain death." Elizabeth @ChaiVasarhelyi and @Jimmy_Chin, the directors of the documentary @FreeSoloFilm, discuss how they captured rock climber @AlexHonnold’s free solo climb (without any ropes, harnesses or protective equipment) of Yosemite’s El Capitan. Watch the full video at the link in bio.

When Jane the Virgin is over, Gina Rodriguez's next step is to "get other people's dreams out there and make them come true and create opportunities for others." But first, she's taking over the role of Carmen Sandiego in both Netflix's new animated series and a forthcoming live-action film. At the link in bio, @vfhwd talks to @HereIsGina about bidding Jane the Virgin farewell and why Carmen Sandiego is actually "such a reflection of every freaking woman you know." Photograph by @RogerKisby.

Turn that frown upside-down, Jason Segel. It's your birthday! Photograph by Norman Jean Roy for V.F. April 2009.

"I'll take a picture of something and I'll think, 'Oh, that would actually be really cute on Instagram,' and then I remember, 'Oh, I don't have an Instagram.'" @MichellePfeifferOfficial, who says she's "full-throttle back working now," talks to @vfvanities about why she's finally decided to join @Instagram despite being "really, honestly, anxious about entering into the world of social media" (link in bio). Photograph by @HerbRitts for V.F. February 1989.

Though he is known for playing a notorious killer on #ACSVersace, @DarrenCriss treats the #FearBox challenge with extreme care. Watch the full video at the link in bio. #TBT

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