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Vanitas_the_dark_one  I don't post consistently, I give credit to the things I steal, and I am not really a specific account for things but, you should still sub.

Because, I never make videos. Or, edits. And because multiple pictures are too hard and I'm lazy.

Why am I up so late? Uh, deadpool. That's why. Best. Movie. Ever.

You were warned about.............. ok it doesn't matter how long ago just know that you were warned.

⚠️ warning: next post will contain the word substitute for butt however instead of four letters and starting with B it will have three letters and start with A. You have been warned. Don't get butthurt.

When the only person to text or get in contact with you all day is your mom you know you're the only person who isn't busy. Been a nice lazy day.

When you're an overwatch fan addicted to Coke. #overwatch #morrison #cocacola #soldier76 #jackmorrison #shareacoke

Most y'all don't know what this is but it's seriously one of the best things I ever see. I love seeing it. #mw #monsterwarlord #confirmlogin #voidegg #dailylogin

When you equip item literally for the perks alone. #kh #kingdomhearts #khux #kingdomheartsunchainedx #mashup #prettyanddeadly #freakincathat

Red dawn. The remake was almost as good as this one. The remake had josh hutcherson(?) and Chris hemsworth.

I just, his face at the end. 🤣🤣🤣

She is meh I've seen a couple of her things but that other person is right this joke is gold.

I think I'm a pretty balanced Zenyatta but Reaper is my main. Yes I'm stealing these from ifunny.

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