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VANIITY  Awards In 2004 she became the first trans woman to win an AVN award. She won the first AVN Award ever for TS Performer of The Year, '04 '13 Vaniity


I WANNA BE YOUR DISCO STIK! lol Breakums off a piece of that!

Another payday
Cover of magazines
And when they see me
They want to be me
I am a fantasyCover girl!
Put the bass in your walk
Head to toe let your whole body talkCover Girl! Put your bass in your walk

is it A blessing and A curse to be this fine?! lol #Vaniity

"Some people say there's a woman to blame..."

Celebrating #DragRace #emmy #WIN
"We celebrate people who dance outside the box": RuPaul makes Emmy history

VH1's hit reality show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” won big at this year's Emmys. Among its five wins was the coveted Outstanding Reality-Competition Series award.

Taken from Miss @bobbieliciously again!lol Im your wanna-be spiritual guru look a like #Bobbielicious lol (just kidding) BUT I DO LOVE YOUR POSTS! "BEAUTY IS IN THE EYES OF THE BEHOLD ME!"~ #VANIITY lol

I go to bed listening to the #RealNews of #TheUniverse not #FakeFoxNews and I wake up still listening to what is my major interest at this stage in my life. It's a trip knowing in my soul things beyond what meets the eye. Knowing there are greater forces than those that govern the masses and that in other realms there are other beings that are also good and evil. There is the possibility that we were created/harvested by advanced beings. It perplexes me how people always say "Then that throws the theory that there is a God... if aliens made us - then they are our God and there's probably many Gods..." and I just think - don't stop short think just a tiny bit further and stretch your mind. Werher aliens created us or not...I know the one God above all began the story of us eons ago. He is the one true original creator who set it all in motion and if there a so called lesser "Gods" in the universe/galaxy then they all have to still answer to him/she/shim/it- THE ONE. #THEONE
#IMPLANTCHIPS in humans?
#WilliamPawelec a US Airforce computer operations specialist gave this interview to #DrGreer and asked that it not be released until after his death. He has since passed.


MI AMIGO... buenas noches. #Kissums

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