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When you copyright your work for school 😂
Even for french class

Sketching some Melay and Duchess

Sketching some Duchess bby💕 again fighting against a cougar.

Should I draw a flashback? Like Duchess and Melay, her mother?

PLEASE 🚫do not ref/copy/steal my art🚫 enough people did that already 😖

So @breyerlover1 and me have something really important to tell you!

Btw, sorry I didn't have the time to draw something, I am very busy this week... sorry

You know that Zoltán and Khaleesi are the two Dregonus Alphas⚜️ And they really love each other! •
Khaleesi is pregnant!!!! Waiting for a little baby 💕
An Alpha baby foal!! The first one❤🔥
I am so happy 😍😱

Duchess finally finds a little bit of happiness since her mother Melay died. When she joined Amaleki's herd, she felt safe, peaceful like in the past. She is still shy and aggressive sometimes but calm. She doesn't really show her feelings and stay introverted and cold with the other mares.
Amaleki is kind with her and they walk together sometimes, under a sunset between the mountains. It is hard for her to open her heart. She tried and failed many times. But he is comprehensive and let her taking the time.
One day, a night under the Aurora borealis, Duchess smiles, for the first time since she met him, a shy smile. And a tear runs. Amaleki sees it but says nothing and they watches the night sky until dawn.
The saddest people smile the brightest.
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Okay, my dream came true
#timesquare #newyork

Running through the forest
Duchess like being alone with Amaleki, she feels safe and protected by him. She tells him stories and they spend good time together when they have a walk through the forest. The sun of summer warm her skin and is making her eyes shine.

It's like a dream, a sweet and beautiful dream... She feels many things for him... friendship...or... love?
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Here is the speed paint!
5 hours in 2:30 mins

Miles Nocte⚔️🌒

Sooo proud of this! 😂😅
I mean, I spend more than 5 hours on it!

Well, why do I drew one of my most difficult horse??? 😂😂

Want me to post the speed paint video? I love them, they are so satisfying !

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‼️I WAS WRONG!!!!‼️ I just found my very very very first digital drawing now! Done the 14 April 2016!

But between these two, I've never drawn others digital, I think the first one disappointed me a lot so I didn't want to do one again... since TODAY! (Btw I added the eyebrow 😂)

Here we can see it ONE year how my style evolved
Anyway good night 💕❤🔥

Guys, my first digital drawiiiiing !
I'm proud of it actually 😂 I spend 2 hours on it!
The background is a picture from @/_.amalekite.mustangs._

What do you think for a first time?

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