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⚔Vanialy⚔  ❄Ice and fire 🔥 ⚔️French artist🇫🇷 🦌#imperialwingsbreed : CLOSED BREED Trades, requests/ comms🔒 🚫Do not copy/steal CREDIT ME IF REPOST


I can't breathe 😂😂😂
I..... can't.... 😂😂
Omg I was joking about something like that with a friend and this actually happened

Sooo.... I am not that glad to see how it turned out.
My digital drawings aren't really good, I have to draw with one finger on an iPhone screen. I'll try to buy a tablet.
Anyway, 7 for this.
Name: Néréide
Gender: female
Age: 22 yo
Breed: #lifebubbler from @/littlemaychan
Personality: Néréide is a shy and quite mare, as the others Life Bubbler. She is a sea horse, and has 3 fishes in her mane and tail.

She prefers living underwater because she is a bit afraid of the ground. She thinks there's too much violence on Earth and she is pacific.

She lives in the Atlantic Ocean and in winter, she goes to the Pacific Ocean to get warm.
Néréide have always been introverted but she is really calm and kind with others Bubblers.
🚫do not ref/copy/steal my art🚫
Bg from google


Started from the bottom, now we are here❄️🔥

#drawingimprovement #redraw #improvement #artshub #artist #artshare

Ellesméra's new design!

Better picture on my DA

She looks more like a true queen now!
She is an appaloosa and has more roses and jewelry.
For those who forgot, she is the mother of Alagaësia and Aithusa!

I am so proud of this drawing. It tooks 7-8 hours to draw.
I'll post a before-after later.

Do you like this new design?

🚫do not ref/copy/steal my art🚫 #Ellesmerafamily pose ref from da #vanialyartocs

Ellesméra's new design !
Do you like it?

I am in love with this 😍
Jon and Mo' at their wedding 💕
(I know, Jon isn't really good but it's the first time I am drawing a guy😂)

Should I color it??

Ref from a drawing on DA
#morganeocstory #morganeocart

100 points each!
-CREDIT ME when you'll draw it
-you can make minimal changes
-you can change the hair style
-you may name it, chiose the gender...

1- Galaxy Paint, pink eyes

2- Red roan appaloosa, green eyes

3- Tiger style and paint, green eyes

4- Dunalino appaloosa, blue and white mane and tail, blue eyes
• 🚫do not ref/copy/steal my art 🚫
do not send the payment without my answer.

Paris, city of lights 🌃
Saw the preview of The Circle

Emma was sooo cute in her princess dress 😍😭
#avantpremière #thecircle #emmawatson #paris

I'll draw it and then, make it a dta or something 😂

✨RAFFLE!!!!! ✨
I'll have the time in a month to do a lot!!! Sooo I am hosting a raffle for the first time because you all deserve it!!!!

RULES: (you have to follow me of course)
1) Repost the picture
2) Tag me ONLY UNDER the picture
3) Tag #Vanaraffle
4) I'll comment a number uder your post, DO NOT DELETE IT
5) You can enter maximum 3 times
6) Tag 3-5 people below in the coms

🌹The price will be a FREE commission with a simple background (like on my Duchess drawings)!

Will be drawn on a half A4 paper (quality drawing paper)

I mainly draw horses but I can also draw humans! (Girls 😅)
For the first time.... the drawing will be SHIPPED! (Around the World, because only a few people are from France)

I'll take a random generator to choose the winner!
❌Please no private accounts!!!❌

The end date is: 7th of July

Let's line this!

Before VS After Prismacolors 😂 and shading improvement

🚫do not ref/copy/steal my art 🚫

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