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Sketch finished
I've redone her head, add weapons and finished her Dragon.

I don't want to line it... I afraid to ruin it

Look! We can see the bones!

The dragon seems ok but OMG Morgane looks awful 😩😖🤢

Lyanna Mormont for president of France 🇫🇷 PLEASE
#lyannaforpresident #avoté #presidentielle2017

Name: The Lady of Avalon
Barn Name: Nimue (Ni-mwe)
Gender: female
Age: immortal
Breed: fish bellies @/megwazouskiart_ Coat: Chestnut Paintaloosa
Rarity: Rare
Personality: calm, but can make storms when she is angry, sage, attractive.
-Blue: normal/ peaceful
-Red: anger
-Orange: fear
-Pink: in love
-Purple: sad
-Green: jealous
Family members: Serenity = Cousin (@the_quiet_artist ) and Kireina = sister (@equine2210)
-Yellow (not on the drawing):Graal
-Red: Camlann
-Orange and Black:Camelot
Nimue is a young and immortal mare who is the guardian of the Avalon Lake. She is the lake's goddess. She plays a large part in several medieval myths because that she controls waters of lakes and rivers. For a long time she kept the legendary sword of the King Arthur until that he comes to demand it.
She lives alone and sometimes, the 3 mares Nimue, Serenity and Kireina meets to speak about magic and share their knowledge.
Nimue holds the power of the lives, the desperate persons come to ask her for her advices when everything seems lost.
#vanialyartocs 🚫 do not ref/copy/steal my art 🚫
Ref used: lien from BS

Guys, if you've seen my story I talked about this girl.
She copies horses from Bella Sara's univers, poses, names, coats and CLAIM them as her OCs...
I posted a comment to warn her because she maybe doesn't know what copy was and she BLOCKED me... so she knows I am right but doesn't want to admit it..

These horses are copyrighted and she steals, references and traces artwork WITHOUT any credit and claim them asHER original designs.
I don't like it personally

Do not hate on her tho but try to make her understand or report

I'll post her tomorrow!
I really like how it turned out 😊😄

Is anyone is still owning a fish belly ?
And I am looking for the owners of Kireina and Serenity !
Please if you have one or the 2 above, DM me!

What Can I do in the sky???

Ref used: lien from BS

Just relaxing 😊☕️📜📚

Step by step✏️🖋🖍

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