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Why not?

1- sorry I had to put my husband
2- Because that's what I feel
3- Because this will happen today and all the Sunday till S7 ends.
4-Because Dragons and Shur'tugals are Baes (that's why Mo is one)
5- Because Morgane is a HUGE part of my life. She is not only an OC... she grew up and evolved with me till I can think. (Art by @art_dragonfire )
6- Because Hogwarts is my home.

Sooo 3h for the bird 😅 going to sleep rn 😴
Good night!💕

Should I do some fire highlights on the back of the mare? Like fire reflections?

Do you think this kind of COAT (not talking about mane/tail and accessories) suits her?
Only the 2 and 3 pictures (the others are the originals)

And again #dalgeor_yhhraffle

So you don't understood what I wanted hehe 😅
I'll explain it better!

Here is Morgane, my OC. #morganeOCart
I find her coat boring.

(I already done a sketch of her horse version (check my story 😋) and I did a mlp coat.)

I am not looking for accessories, eyes...etc
I am ONLY looking for coat color that can fit her and her red hair/freckles.

Any ideas? 💕❤ Art by me and @/art_dragonfire

So here's are the inspirations for Jon's horse design!
As a Lord Commander and as the King in the North.

Can you recognize the details and accessories I put in my Oc? Soem are hidden😋

I've never posted the first drawing because I wanted to do a bg... I never took the time 😅

Anyway, here's the improvement!
I changed the fur cloak color because everyone was like "omg so sad Ghost is dead!😱"

Whiche one is your favorite ?

🚫do not ref/copy/steal my art 🚫
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Title: King in the North/ The white wolf
Name: Jon Snow
Gender: Male
Age: 24yo (human years)
Coat: roan with white socks
He has brown eyes
He has scars on chest and on both of his eyes.

Accessories: Wolf fur cloak, sword named "Longclaw", belt, leather back leg protections.

His Direwolf is named Ghost, he is albinos. He was named like that because when he walks you hear nothing. Jon knows him since he's born. They fight together and have a good chemistry.
Personality: go watch GoT...No I am kidding

Jon Snow was raised by his adoptive father who transmitted him the sense of the honor, but also the justice and the duty.
Like many bastard children, Jon had to learn to grow up quickly. This made Jon mature and perceptive beyond his age.
His bastard status has also made Jon something of a loner, solemn and somber with a desire to prove himself to society and to his father.

Jon does not hesitate to help his companions and friends in distress, but can also be a bit arrogant, conscious of his superiority in the manipulation of weapons and the strategy.
His strong sense of duty can sometimes be so important that he can hurt people...
You'll learn more about the OTP I made for him later.
🚫do not ref/copy/steal my art🚫
#vanialyartocs #vanaJonSnow #JonAndMorgane
Was first designed by @/peculiarvixen
#jonsnow #gameofthrones #got #kinginthenorth #thewhitewolf

Who own him?? I can't find the person anymore


I accept DA points (better chance to win the design), and art!


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