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VanGo Vapes Ltd  The Connoisseurs Choice! Genuine day to day stories by Chef Vinny👆 Prospect program up and running! 👀 ~ Vancouver, BC ~ Order Online 👇

We just wanted to end a long day with a little bit about plans. No matter how hard you try some plans can go haywire but if you stick to your guns and keep your feet moving even with the constant changes around us your plans will get you to where you want to go. It may not be in the way that you expected but that plan could have just been a thought you let pass you by.. don’t. You and your plans are much more powerful than you think! 💯
That being said in just a short time we are launching and we would LOVE your support through this next plans course of action! So if your all about the @vangovapes go follow @_startvaping_ and see what we’re up to next it’s going to be good 🙌

The Prospector Program has been going off with a bang, and that’s all because you guys! Not only are these packages affordable and offer swag with the juice they offer you a chance to link your social media and show what you got for a potential chance to be on the team, just head over to the link in our bio and the “Sponsor Center” will get you all the info you need! We just wanted to thank you for everything you guys do and all the love and support stick with us we got more to come! 💯

It’s always a long week for the @vangovapes team because we work hard on SOO MANY different moving pieces but a long week is NOT a bad week with all the privilege we have in our travels and everyday work keeping the pieces moving is a welcomed challenge, life throws a lot on our plates but if you keep your head up and your feet moving you’ll see your destination a lot sooner then you think 💯

@ohmmyjosh has been one of the biggest supporters of @cactusjango and another reason we are PUMPED to roll out what’s next, make sure to check out last post and see exactly what we mean ❄️
Also keep up with us on Facebook we will be crushing a lot of new content as well as covering all of our events with recaps so if you missed a show you don’t have to really miss the show! 🔥

Do you know what happens when you mix Ice with a little @cactusjango well swipe right and find out.. we have so many new things coming this summer that’s it’s crazy!! New flavors, new booth design for shows, and new projects to help bring this community to a whole new level, we love all you guys and are so excited to get this stuff released and pack in more for the future! 🔥
Stop by the Facebook and make sure to drop a follow we do giveaways, teasers, and major updates on there first! Look forward to seeing you there! 🙌

We just wanted to give you guys a little bit about the upcoming event CVE in Toronto! We’re going to have a new booth design, a lot of teasers for the future, and a launch going off all at the same time. The shows we’ve been to this year have been nothing short of amazing and we’re extremely excited to keep the adventure going with you guys, genuinely appreciate the people we get to meet and introduce to @vangovapes it seems like it can all be so much but just knowing some of you guys are walking away thinking about our brand and style makes the shows worth it ten fold. Thank you and stay posted we will be dropping booth number and more details on Facebook as we get closer! Have a great night fam! 🙏

@cactusjango has some BIG things in store and the teaser is on the page as we speak, this flavor has shown time and time again people LOVE something unique and packed full of flavor. Stop. By the website and swoop up yours today!! @lexxohm great shot fam so exciting to see our juice making a splash across the pond if your in the UK so are we let’s get it Vangoing on 💯

@kodak_stease_tcl is ALWAYS killing it that lasso was HUGE bro!! We hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the new week full of opportunities, Facebook is going to be big this week at @vangovapes so if you want to see some updates/teasers make sure your following us over there and remember keep grinding your almost there fam, everyday is always one step closer to the dream! 💯

@frozenophelia has always been one of our fam favorites you guys have had such an awesome response to the menthol we deemed the “Queen” and the flavor that got @vangovapes wheels turning about more ice!! So what if we told you something was in the works for @cactusjango that your NOT going to want to miss?? Well stay tuned and find out 😜❄️
Amazing shot from @skepii.official if you guys are interested in telling for us you can ALWAYS head to the site and checkout the “Sponsor Center” get to it!! Nothing to lose! 💯

Our tobacco flavors are just as strong and smooth as you could hope for with each one bringing its own unique highlight to the table, at @vangovapes we worked hard on everyone of our flavors and we’re thinking you should try them all 🙏
Make sure to checkout @spencerthevaper for more work like this and head to the website in our bio to see our “Sponsor Center” and all the cool things we have going on!! Have a great weekend fam! 💯

Such a cool shot from @abd.lim_ glad your loving that tiramisu!!! If you haven’t tried our International Dwight’s line.. your slipping. Delicious treat from all around the world slammed right into a juice bottle 🤤
If it haven’t head to our @vangovapes Facebook we not only dropped a photo recap of Edmonton but a teaser of what’s to come like “Root Beer” and “Jango Chill” who knows maybe even some Nic Salts..... 👀

@tk_splitz with the crispy shot rocking that delicious @vangovapes classic “Ichigo” if you love a sweet and smooth strawberry flavor your not going to want to miss out on this blend 🤤
The Facebook response has been absolutely phenomenal we throw a topic up and get loads of feedback that’s not only helpful but 9/10 truly positive things you guys have to say and we could not appreciate that more 🙏

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