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vanessa noel events  Event designer and planner of luxury celebrations anywhere your heart desires. Inspired by 🦄 🌈🌿🌎 and our clients' ❤️️!

Almost 13 years ago, we met on the other side of the world and this weekend I got to watch you become a Mrs. It was a whirlwind of so much love, gut-busting laughter, and all the feels. I love this lady so much and the beautiful people she’s shared with me over the years! Big shout out to the outstanding creative partners who helped bring my vision to life and did amazing things so that I could be a guest and drink too much wine #agapeevents @beaconhillevents @arborcrestwine @gardenofedenflorals @annapeter_s

IT’S HAPPENING!!!!! My bestie is getting married this weekend!! Just touched down in Spokane—wedding weekend has officially begun. Get ready for an overload of personal insta stories filled with obnoxious squealing and inappropriate behavior. #lettheperrytalebegin #jessgetsperried #letsgetthisperrystarted ...I could keep going, but I’ll stop 😏 PC @annapeter_s

A close up of those gorgeous suede menus we designed with @primandpixie for all the moody texture. And as always, expertly styled by the photo genius @annadelores

This cozy + bold + moody table is one of my all time faves. From the black flatware to the suede menus, plaid napkins and a sprig of wheat for the bride’s Canadian roots—so much goodness! 📷 @annadelores 💐 @mmflorals

Oh hey there. It’s Friday and we don’t have a wedding! On Labor Day Weekend?!? Crazy right?? But don’t worry, there’s lots of laboring going on over here—tomorrow is officially MOVE DAY! We’ve moved a lot over the past 6 years, but this is arguably the most exciting yet. For those of you who don’t know, Dan and I live in the Central Valley (like the Ag center of the universe filled with all the cows... that part of California that’s far from the beach and doesn’t have the best reputation for things like air quality or open-mindedness 🤪). We grew up here but my work is never here. That has meant that for the past 6 years, I’ve driven about 2.5-3.5 hours one way for every meeting or wedding. Ya, it’s been a lot. And we’re finally relocating and I couldn’t be happier!! Trouble is... these boxes don’t pack themselves, nahmean?? But I can’t wait to be closer to so many of my favorite people and closer to doing what I love, like sharing a special bustling moment with a stunning bride like Allie! I just adore this capture by @cameroningalls at @vintageranch

Looking back on this wedding with @meganwelker at @whisperingroseranch. I’m heading to Megan & Adam’s to take them to the airport (they’re so hip—going to Austin for the weekend) and we’ll be gone to SLO county when they get back. So this is our big last hoorah driving to the Fresno airport 💁🏼‍♀️ Rentals @thetentmerchant Floral @cocorosedesign Catering @fieldtotableevents Lighting @ambientevent #whisperingroseranch #whisperingroseranchwedding #elegantwedding #farmtables

I’ve alluded to it on my stories, but I should set the record straight—it’s true! WE’RE MOVING! Fi-na-lly we are headed to the central coast where the air is better, the wine is flowing, and most importantly, I can be in a position to better serve my clients and have a better quality of life without driving 200-400 miles a week. We are beyond ecstatic for life to get a little easier and owe this transition to some really incredible friends, without whom, this would absolutely not be happening (I’m talking to you @lindsayjagosz @allaboutevents) While we couldn’t be more thrilled to trade almond orchards for vineyards, there are two things we’ll miss in Visalia (really... that’s pretty much it) and they’re right here. @meganwelker and I became friends IRL (friends on IG first) last year when we met for a coffee date that lasted so long our husbands were wondering where we were. Shortly after, the boys met and some serious nerd on nerd love happened. Megan and Adam, thank you for being a truly inviting, delightful, fun, and encouraging haven in this place. We’ll miss game nights, workouts, brewery hangs, travel scheming, and double dates more than you know. Thank goodness for you and your light and that we still have 3 more days! ✨💕

This beautiful wedding with @annadelores @noonansdesigns @allaboutevents @coeestate @fieldtotableevents @papercakeevents @parallel35 is up on @elizabethannedesigns today! And I’m down for the count with some weird stomach bug... that’s always fun for packing boxes 😒

Friday’s post was a little emo. Honest & real, but brought things down a bit, amiright? And in the midst of my reflection, y’all came THRU with some serious encouragement! Comments, DMs, texts—goes to show that while this Insta world can be daunting and discouraging, it can also be a really positive tool for community, connection and support. So thank youuuuuu!! Thank you for kindness, thoughtfulness and just being sweet humans 💕 And on that note, here’s something to turn a frown upside down because nothing is happier than a bar + balloons! 📷 @elliekoleen 🎈 @ahlouisstore 🍽 @allaboutevents 💐 @noonansdesigns

My relationship with Instagram has been complicated recently... it goes a little something like this, “I should post something. Ugh. What? What was the last thing I posted? Wow, that was a long time ago. Oh look, she has a new story (watches stories for 5 mins) Hahaha! She’s so funny... (scrolls mindlessly) Damn that’s pretty. I would love to work with her/him/them. I love that so much! Ugh, why haven’t I done something that good? Wait, I need to post something, how many followers do I have? Seriously?! Why am I losing people?? Oh look! Another story I love to watch. Damnit I want to work at that venue!” (Gets frustrated and closes app) Anyone feel like this?!? And don’t even get me started on trying to figure out why I lose 7 followers for every 10 I gain! I’ve been in a bit of a rut lately... LOTS of questioning and doubting going on over here. Critical little voices whispering, comparison rearing its ugly head, and the hurt that can come with rejection. I hate that “why not me?!” feeling. It’s immature and just plain sucks. Working on mitigating my anxiety and doubt with some positive self talk, a little wine and maybe a movie that’ll give me a good cry on this Friday with nothing to do (not mad about it). Here’s to stepping outside this tiny corner of the big world and looking at things with a more gracious perspective. 📷 @elliekoleen 💐 @noonansdesigns 🍽 @allaboutevents

Throwing it back 4 years ago to when these lovers tied the knot! That’s our event manager @otressa and her handsome husband on their wine country wedding day. Happy Anniversary you two! 📷 @annadelores 💐 @lori_boe_floral 🍽 @allaboutevents

Yes, it’s midweek. No, it’s not even noon. But we’re averaging 70 hours & 500 drive miles a week these days sooooo one of these @sidecar_slo cocktails and a day by the pool is sounding mighty fine right about now! Tis the (wedding) season 🥂 PC @cameroningalls

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