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v a n e s s a 🦋  Business Marketing student Canadian | Sydney, Australia 🌊

Byron Bay bliss

B o n d i 🐠

It was hard to refrain myself from buying all the pretty flowers and succulents 🌱 #plantlover

Hard to believe I’ve been in aus for over 3 months already, I’ve made some incredible memories so far and I can’t wait for the good times ahead ☀️

Spending all my money on clothes in aus 🤷🏼‍♀️

Don’t be a bummer babe 🎶 Lanaaa you have the voice of an angel

Spent yesterday hiking for 5 hours chasing waterfalls 🌿

The girl with no face

Vitamin sea 🌊

Barefoot walks along my favourite beach

Got 99 trees but a birch ain’t one 🌴


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