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V a n e s s a C a r l t o n  Writing an album and making spaghetti. Latest Album: L i b e r m a n.

It’s funny how the pieces fit together when you least expect them to. 🎞:@jo_can_draw #sixcoverssixmonths






Art by @jo_can_draw

Watch the full video for @vanessacarltonactual’s “Lonely Girls” on YouTube (link in story). Thank you to everyone who helped bring this to life.
Directed By: @jessedeflorio & @diputsboy
Choreography By: @lindsayfinesmith
Makeup By: @beautybyanaliza
Song: @lucinda_williams

In case you missed yesterday’s interview and premiere from @thecut, @vanessacarltonactual’s newest and final cover “Lonely Girls” is now available to stream or purchase at all digital retailers. Buy/stream “Lonely Girls” at the link in the bio or check out the official video on her YouTube channel. #sixofsix

Thank you to @thecut for sitting down with @vanessacarltonactual to discuss everything from #MeToo to her new covers project. Check out this awesome article and find the premiere of the official video for her final cover, “Lonely Girls”, out everywhere tomorrow (link in bio). #sixofsix

Lonely girls....coming soon...... 📸 @trishia__ #sixofsix

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