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V a n e s s a C a r l t o n  Writing an album and making spaghetti. Latest Album: L i b e r m a n.

In case you missed yesterday’s premiere in @variety, @vanessacarltonactual’ newest cover “Needle In the Hay” is now available to stream or purchase at all digital retailers at the link in the bio. This is the second to last cover that Vanessa will release this year. Buy/stream “Needle In The Hay” at your favorite digital retailer or check out the official video on her YouTube channel. #fiveofsix Artwork: @jo_can_draw

Thank you @variety for premiering @vanessacarltonactual’s second to last cover “Needle In The Hay”! While “Needle” will be available to stream and purchase everywhere tomorrow, get a sneak peak of the song and the official video at the link in the bio. #fiveofsix

Found a small deer on the porch.

I would like to go on record and say Fuck you Donald Trump. You are nothing more than a pervy used car salesman. And that’s all you’ll ever be. And to all the people that think this is ok? You are, in fact, fundamentally un-American, and smearing the Republican Party even more than it has been. If you excuse separation of parent and children seeking asylum for any reason you are, in fact, a piece of shit human. I am beyond disappointed and heart broken for these families. And there are thousands of kids who are still alone, in holding facilities. Note: children are not allowed to touch each other in these facilities so Jefferson isn’t sure if he can hug his dad. ・・・
Six-year-old Jefferson was separated from his father after they came to the United States seeking asylum. In a story shared across the country, Jefferson had asked his father during one of their phone calls, “Papa, I thought they killed you. You separated from me. You don’t love me anymore?” The two were reunited in LAX over the weekend. 📽️: @latimes

Berta first did my makeup when I was 18 years old. She came to my apartment in Hell’s Kitchen to meet me and my room mate Meg. We were in awe of her because she was Tori Amos and Trent Rezner’s makeup artist and she worked with the genius Kevyn Aucoin. She has always been supportive of young artists though because she’s cool as hell. She did my makeup the night I played the Grammy’s in 2003 and the night of my wedding dinner in 2014. And the many nights in between. She is from Cuba and came here as a very young girl with her family. She is a queen and deeply generous and a master of her craft. This is us, 20 years later, in the back of an Uber, leaving a shoot. Still goin... @bertacamal

My Blink-182 pheromone is very high as well. Link in bio ya’ll.

Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. Yes, all of these piece of shit politicians and tv personalities believe in arming children in schools. You all down with the “Kinderguardians” program? Age 4-12 semi automatics.... WHO VOTES THESE PEOPLE INTO OFFICE? I hope everyone in his new series “Who Is America?” Loses their jobs. Link to trailer in my bio. Also, HOLY SCHMAGOLI I never thought things would get this dark.

Wiener dog in upper left, entering in from heaven, upon a lazy summer day on earth.

Victor is absolutely loving these handmade Shell pillows from @tamar.mogendorff. I discovered her through Instagram! What a special artist. 🐚

“Needle In The Hay” - 7.20.18 #fiveofsix

Visited a convent today.

Been loving this view since I was 12 years old. And I still enjoy it if I’m not late and not broke.

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