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V a n e s s a C a r l t o n  Basking in the glow of the fridge light. Latest Album: L i b e r m a n.

It’s about time.

It’s a rough world out there but somebody’s gotta smell it.

Signing this gorgeous trifold vinyl package for you. For those that are interested, you can pre order yours for the gift season NOW. Link in bio. Swipe for the song listing. Thank you all for ordering so many. You will not be disappointed by this amazing package. 🙌🏽 Art by @jo_can_draw.

Our almost 4 year old doing yoga to combat baby stress. Hot parent tip: Cosmic Kids on YouTube is genius.

Make all this social media babble and connection turn into CHANGE. This is not a time where you can stick your head in the sand. If you live in this country you must vote. You rely on a system that is at risk of becoming a hate machine. Your voice matters. Don’t let others do the dirty work for you. Register, figure it out, make it happen. A large chunk of states allow same day registration. Goodnight! X

Celebrating the end of a food poisoning and getting a little too excited. Album: Glass:Songs from Liquid Days. How fitting!

Where’s the wiener?

“She fucked with many birds.” Will be written on gravestone.

***Stocking Stuffer Alert*** - Get your hands on a copy of @vanessacarltonactual special edition triple vinyl combining “Earlier Things Live”, “Liberman Live”, and Vanessa’s Covers EP into one beautiful package. All copies pre-ordered from Vanessa’s webstore will be autographed and will ship to arrive on, or about the release date of Nov 23 (Black Friday). Pre-order your copy now at the link in the bio!

Morning! Here is one of the finest drummers (and humans) on this planet teaching two cute little creatures how to set up a drum kit. Enjoy! @patrickthallahan

Find these piece of shit humans. Find their names. I want their family, friends, and co-workers to know who they are. @ellen @kp24
UPDATE: “Hi Vanessa! The video you shared made me sick - found these guys on FB... I reported them but I know it’s going to take a lot more - OMUJEVE HUNTING SAFARIS NAMBIA” (thanks Carrie). Fellow insta friends, can you help me get owner info on this hunting lodge?
@shaunking with @get_repost
My God I am so completely hurt and disgusted. This is another form of white supremacy. These white men, colonizers, in the middle of Africa, in Namibia, start firing on the elephants with their guns, killing a member of the family, then the elephants begin to march to run the men over. Who are these men? What are their names? These elephants have complex emotions and familial bonds. They live for generations. They mourn. Shame!! Shame on these puny little men for doing stuff like this to make them feel strong.

There is something called twinergy and I didn’t experience it until I met these two women. Chandra and Leigh have become my sisters. I like to think I’m the third Watson twin but who am I kidding. You can’t mess with twinergy. They released their new album today. It’s called Duo and it’s a record to get lost in. Feel it for yourself. @thewatsontwins link in their bio. (I may have played piano in Cry Baby.)

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