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Check out this white, male, hate factory! Covington Catholic, we see you.

As my daughter approaches kindergarten I am keenly aware of the responsibilities schools have to properly educate and support their students. This behavior is a reflection of this school. As a mother, I am appalled and heart broken by this behavior. Care to comment @cch_colonels? Oh, and don’t come at us with “this wasn’t on school grounds” bullshit.
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I am so angry and grieved by this as white kids in MAGA hats surrounded and mocked this beloved Native elder yesterday.
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This is what indigenous peoples face every day. This is what we’ve faced since our lands were forcefully occupied. This attempt to humiliate. The mocking. The belligerent children who come from the bellies of people that think this is allowed behavior. This is the face of terrorism in the so-called United States and they’re YOUNG.
We’ve heard that they were students from Covington Catholic attending a march for life. If any of the school officials want to speak up, we’d all love to have a word. @cch_colonels
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Marie Kando-ing the shit out of this house. Let the entropy begin.

Been waitin’ on that Adidas sponsorship for some time now. I imagine I’ll be waiting a while longer. —-Mom dancing in a hotel room in Osaka, Japan. Dance is trademarked. Cannot be used without permission.

Used to be a baby ballerina robot.

Such an important article @nytimes @tamar_kali. Keep this wonderful work and this message growing! My personal dream is to score and reading this excited me so much. Stories like this propel energy into widening the doors! 🙌🏽

The nooks and crannies.....

Outtake from the cover shoot for Liberman. Then Sid got hungry and made the booklet. Working with the great photographer @eddie_chacon_ and @proshowtracey styling. PS: This babe is almost 4 now!

OWNING the streets.

Back on the road with my little man and his hairdo. Nyc we comin in hot. Prepare.

5 year anniversary and we’ve only almost divorced once!

For those of you who have been wondering what I’ve been up to.....I’ve been Hefnering for many days. However, I enter into the studio to record a new album January 23rd. Be sure to follow if you wish to receive no updates. Happy Holidays stressballs! X

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