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Vanessa Carlisle  queer poly SWer writer, sex and gender educator, MFA, PhD, podcaster @OntheDresser, forever showgirl

They didn’t want to make a big mess, but they weren’t gonna stop at the trash can on the way out. #delayed #longbeachairport #peoplearestrange #cleanupcrew

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One of the earliest things I learned when I was working within a lot of “grey areas” was that law enforcement could always, would always, find a way to make an example of you. And I had so much protecting me. And Daniels did too. Many others have no such protections and do not make national news when this happens, can’t begin to imagine coming up with $6k bail. Let’s fight for Daniels’ right to continue her role as effective lightning rod and set this rotten system on 🔥. #teamstormy #letussurvive #sexworkisrealwork #metoo

Posted at Wilshire & Vermont. Missing: Satori Bowden King. Last seen in Los Angeles around 7AM at grandma’s house. Age:17. Height: 4’11” Weight 120lbs Eyes: dark brown. Hair: dark brown. If you know any info pls call (323)401-5271 or email

Hey wow! Thank you @prisminternational! This is so exciting! I read this tiny short story to my goddess-mamma @sarkifylife and she laughed hard enough that I needed to pause. There are few satisfactions as deep as that.

Reading this article from #newyorktimes about how American officials derailed a #WorldHealthAssembly resolution protecting/promoting #breastfeeding. Because the infant formula industry is declining. In spite of all the data suggesting that mothers milk is the best option for babies, of course. I’m just. Like. WHO ARE THESE OFFICIALS and WHERE DO THEY LIVE. People willing to read this far, I probably don’t have to remind you: step up your commitment to using your language right. Mean what you say. Get clarification. Lives are at stake because of verbs and adjectives, every day.

My book my leg my airplane my mood my culture my era my Insta. #gray #carceralcapitalism #cantbelievethenewseveryday

Thank you @prisminternational for this honor! I love this tiny story and am so grateful someone else did too. #writing #literatureisnotdead #veryshortforms

I love you @itsdannycruz and everything you say just makes me love you more. So honored to be doing the #sexworkersrights stuff with you.

This massive sunflower is growing on my block. The birds are SO HAPPY about it. It lives in less than six inches of dirt between a house and the sidewalk because sometimes LA is magic.

Darling #sexworker friends and people who care about us, I started a playlist on #Spotify for you. Should be easy to find with a search for “SW Power UP!!” This is for when you need to call upon the spirit of the whores and sluts who came before you, the ones who are working alongside you, and your own ferocious internal drive for the life you want to live. It’s public and collaborative so add the songs that motivate you! 😘

Ok but WHAT IS WRONG WITH DOING CALF STRETCHES. Institutional environments are so weird.

I love @cutiesla and @saree.not.sorry and we just worked for HOURS to bring you more of what you need: assertiveness training for women and queers in the workplace! Want some? Check out Directly Consultants dot com!

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