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And the ladies are in Sexy Sydney for the weekend!
Bec, Laura and myself have flown down to support Jade in her final Dancing Eros ritual tomorrow.
So much love for these women and our journey! It was just over a year ago that Jade came and lived with us in Byron for 6 weeks and trained to be a teacher. It's been an epic ride since then of dark and light and it's so special to have soul family like this.
I'm still pretty exhausted and ready for a big ass sleep and days in bed next week but for now - the show goes on.

#dancingeros #sisterhood #soulfamily #sydney #love #ritual

Still coming back down to reality after an absolutely epic dancing Eros for men. I feel changed, transformed and moved by what we experienced together. Holy wow! Game changer.

Big blog post bubbling away in my psyche about everything I learned but for now life is continuing on.
Sexy magic loving times shared this morning and then off to a financial systems meeting with @claireemmainspired's amazing wolf of Wall Street entrepreneur papa bear!

Spending my lunch break lazing by the pool feeling how blessed and multi faceted and rich my life is.

Feeling so grateful right now.

#blessed #magic #love #balance

Resonating with this quote so much right now.

Feeling the power of loving and accepting the people in my life and sticking through the shit, staying connected through the hurts no matter what.
Like I am starting to experiencing what love really is.

In the past my love has had some pretty strong conditions. In it's most extreme versions it's looked a bit like "As long as you do things the way I like I will love you back And if you don't I will punish you and close to you'
My connections have been flimsy in their stability. At their worst appearing something like 'If you disappoint me or annoy me I will dispose of you, I will shut down, block you out, I will run, I will leave.' Contractual, conditioned, disposable love.

I'm seeing more and more how this is actually pretty common.
And not because we are bad people but because fuck to really love without conditions - it's exquisite and it also fucking hurts!
Much easier to close down towards the supposed source of your own pain and wounding. To blame or attack, to shut down and cut out - much easier than allowing ourselves to reveal how vulnerable we really are and to feel it all completely.

This isn't about staying in connections like a masochist and accepting abuse or mistreatment. But this is about being very clear about who you are choosing to love in this life - which souls you are to sticking with and committing to journeying all of it.
Making those people your family. Loving them like a mother loves their child. Saying yes to opening through the suffering and pain we will inevitably cause each other through simply being human and alive.
Loving Without conditions or control, without expecting or demanding them to be anything other than they are.
My heart is being opened to levels of love I've never experienced in the choice to stay rather than run.

Who or what are you committed to loving? No matter what they do and what shows up.
Who are your chosen people who by you choosing so completely and deeply will reveal to you the deepest divine loving mysteries of the universe and yourself?
#commitment #love #unconditional #opening

Oh I love it when it rains all day it makes me feel so cosy.
Double win is when it rains and I have my period. It's like extra external support to go inwards and chill out.

On about day three of my period I find my mind becomes really clear and sharp and I start getting super inspired for life again.My body tends always need a day or two longer than my mind does though, so gave myself a few hours this afternoon in the bath with a hot chocolate and a book.
Highly recommend the book 'The Optimised Woman' by Miranda Grey for learning to work with your bodies natural cycle rather than against it.
It's one of my bibles.

#rest #selfcare #loveyourcycle

Since being in Byron I've been so connected to the wildlife here.

I've had amazing moments with owls, echidnas, frogs and lizards but was still yet to make an acquaintance with a snake.

Over the past few months I've kept having this strong feeling I was about to see one. Expecting it to be laying across my path or in my room at any moment.

Today was the day.

Beautiful green tree snake with frog still alive in its mouth. Chilling outside my front door before slithering over my day bed and notebooks out into the bushes.

So cool.

#kundalini #snakelove #animalmedicine

Meet my parents - Barb and Ken!
Yes for real my parents have the same name as the famous barbie dolls ;) Had such a relaxing time at their place the past few days. Chilling on the couch watching trash on Foxtel, having morning smoothies and crackers with peanut butter made for me. Doing yoga with my mum and BBQ dinner with my dad. Taking the piss out of each other.
Accepting our differences.

In a world where my day job is pretty alternative and out there.

Doing normal shit makes me so happy.
Love you guys
#suburbanroots #familylove #normalshitfetish

What a bunch of unique, mystical, loving babes these women are.

I just spent the past 5 days with the Dancing Eros teachers and it was powerful as fuck.

It wasn't all rainbows. Soul family never is.

All of us individually and collectively facing this erotic mother energy together - I underestimated what that would take!

One thing this energy can bring up is how fully you can stay open and love gracefully through pleasure and pain.

That challenge can particularly show up in relating with others.

In this generation where independence and sovereignty is so strongly valued and encouraged what can often be missing is an ability and skill to be in real, deep, committed connection and family with others.

The deeper you go into intimacy the more you will have to face moments of wanting to push the eject button, shut off and escape the uncomfortable feelings being activated by that external source.

We had so many moments over the past few days where we had to learn how to love each other through it and come out the other side stronger.

It was a colourful journey. We sometimes shut down or disassociated. Calling time out. speaking up. Our voices sometimes shook, we cried and cracked it - but all through it we stayed with it. We learnt to love, with deeper grace and trust of ourselves and each other.

The reality is nothing or no one is perfect or painless and this mother energy is showing me how to keep my heart open to all of it. I am learning the power of staying.

Love you so much ladies. Thank you for journeying with me.

#mysticalbabes #womenoferos #sisterhood #eroticmother #love

Many amazing things happened today.
It's day three with all the dancing Eros teachers together and today we spent the whole day again in the erotic mother energy with so many insights, wisdom and reflections shared. It feels so so so so phenomenally relaxing and potent to integrate this Archetype into the work.
But to be honest out of all the juice and love created today. Spending our lunch break at the dog cafe where they serve huge frothy cappuccinos to their doggy guest was the absolute highlight!

Check out Basko absolutely inhaling his!

Basically lost my shit with the cuteness.


Staying with @shaneymarie_sexwitch and @ramonalisa_thekelpie for the next week while I'm down in Melbourne for the 5 day Eros teacher upgrade training and erotic mother event.
So good to spend time with those people who really meet you. Who you can go from laughing and taking the piss out of all the spiritual bullshit to being in epic ritual or downloading spiritual truths.

I find those I am really close with in my life are those people who are open to both.
The deep and mystical stuff is amazing but if they are the only worlds you can play in everything gets kind of serious.

So good and relaxing to have those who meet you in all worlds.

#sisterhood #love #sacredandprofane

Quick dip in the amazing Coogee women's baths in Sydney before jumping on a plane back home.

Thanks for having me beautiful Jade.
Although we had a few little random hiccups I love having people in my life who genuinely see the world as their mirror and instead of there being a a big problem just roll with it, laugh and learn from the madness.

#empoweredwomen #sisterhood #itsallareflection

And the Sydney Dancing Eros Portal is officially open!

22 women are about to arrive to this lushed out womby venue in the middle of the busy city.
Myself and these amazing priestesses are juiced up and ready to begin the next six weeks!

#dancingeros #sydney #spreadingthejuice

Spent the afternoon at the amazing indigenous birthing pools outside of Byron.

Connecting with the water, the rocks, the trees. Orgasming under waterfalls, receiving gifts of obsidian stone, lazing in the sun.
I can feel the erotic mother energy building and revealing more to me at the moment as I prepare for the Dancing Eros event in Melbourne and her official welcome into this body of work.

It hasn't all been bliss and naturgasms - the mother brings up all your shit around nurturing, feeling safe, supported, grounded, anchored and held.
It's been a huge journey to say yes to her in my life and as the 5th Archetype of Eros - but I'm so happy I followed the call.

#naturelove #birthing #eroticmother #dancingeros

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