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So thankful we got to celebrate the beautiful mom-to-be today! Can’t wait to meet her sweet baby boy in June. #rachandseh #babyboy #june #babyshower

I so needed to read this today.
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When we crave most the eyes of others -their opinions and accolades- we break our gaze with the only eyes that will ever truly see us. { Sara Haggerty }⠀

Oh, the struggle with fear of rejection and that nagging hunger for validation from others. Your weakness is so often your strength. You do hold both. A desire to please can drive you to be a loving and selfless friend and family member. But when this becomes an idol, the never ending desire to be wanted, proven and needed can cause you to miss the gift of God’s assurance and rest. Fix your eyes on the one who already sees you so completely and still loves you so fully. ⠀

Remind and encourage a friend that they are someone Heaven sees by tagging them in the comments. ⠀

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Please go watch the video series on @preemptivelove page. It’s full of truth and wisdom. We can’t end violence with more violence.
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The drums of war are beating in response to Sunday’s chemical attack in Syria.
But we cannot bomb our way to peace. We cannot achieve justice by adding to the devastation.
There is another way. Here is the latest on the situation in Syria and our response.
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Hallelujah! Christ is Risen! #Easter #HeIsAlive

I marched today to ask our Congress and Senate to make real and sensible gun reform. We’ve had 16 school shootings so far in 2018. That’s far too many. Here’s the thing, I’m a Texan, I’ve shot guns, I own a gun. But, I think it was way too easy for me to purchase it. I think we need universal background checks, a ban on high capacity magazines, and better mental health screening for those wanting to purchase weapons. I am not against people having weapons, and yes, I would rather the government didn’t have to be involved (Libertarian leanings here), but this is the world we live in. We have to do something. This can’t continue. #marchforourlives #change #enoughisenough #senate #congress

This is one of my favorite pictures from my trip to Beirut. Walking down this street, the people behind this gate were waving us down. Our hosts explained that we would have been welcomed and given dinner had we walked down there. This sums up how I felt about Lebanon. It’s was beautiful, welcoming, and the food was incredible. Everyone should go and visit. I promise you won’t be disappointed. #travel #adventure #beirut #lebanon #welcome

Inspired by my trip to Lebanon last week, I made a saffron and seafood risotto tonight. I winged the recipe and was really happy with how it turned it. 😊😋

Spent a lovely morning around this table talking about life -the good and the crazy, and the #wakandaforever Enjoyed delicious gf blueberry pancakes made by friends who don’t have to be gf because they love others well. Admired lots of Lego masterpieces by two adorable kiddos. And left with my heart happy after a long week. #hospitality #sweetfriends

I’m currently laying on the floor of Charles de Gaul airport on my way home from Beirut. This city is magical. Beautiful and gritty at the same time. Full of life and hope. I spent a few days visiting my friends @ambertheblack and @bradytheblack and seeing the work they do with Home of Hope. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this city was and how wonderful they are! Can’t wait to go back! #sorrymom #beirut #hope #travel #beauty

Today was a beautiful day at @homeofh with @bradytheblack and @ambertheblack! They are doing incredible work with children who need hope and a new start. I’m blown away by how beautiful this country is and how wonderful everyone has been. Looking forward to tomorrow! #beirut #hope

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