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V A N D E R O H E  Olivia Thorpe (Founder) 🌿6 x award-winning organic & wildcrafted skincare 🌱The world's highest-grade natural ingredients ⚡️Skin-changing results

My special gold...✨💛💫 I read a quote somewhere saying “if it doesn’t exist, create it” and that’s what I did with No.1 Nourishing Face Serum. I suffered a whole host of skin allergies whilst living in Singapore and had cupboards full of products I was sent from beauty brands all over the world whilst I was writing for my blog, but I never felt that any one product helped soothe – and solve – my skin issues. I moved very quickly to disqualifying any non-natural brands from my own routine, but I struggled to trust and understand even the most expensive and publicised natural products...and most of the time they simply wouldn’t “work” on my skin. I embarked upon a course of intense research into plant oils and how they can act, effectively, as anti-inflammatories and skin-boosters, but also how they can simultaneously improve your mindset through aromatherapy 🌿. And I began mixing. When I created a small batch of my special formula, after being amazed at how well – and immediately – it worked on my skin, I began giving little samples out and a trickle of emails started to come in about how my serum was changing people’s lives by making them enjoy their skin again. That was when I decided to scrap my blog and start selling my product on my website... On Friday this week we launch on @netaporter 🌈. What a journey and what amazing gratitude and encouragement I’ve received from all of you who’ve adopted Vanderohe into your routine somewhere along the way. I have continued to formulate what I believe are the No.1 versions of beauty staples I need in my daily routine and I’m so excited to share them with you soon 🙏🏻♥️🌿. // #vanderohe #no1serum #makersgonnamake

I’m sure there’s been a time in your life when you’ve stayed or visited somewhere special and admired something amidst the beautiful surroundings, perhaps thought wistfully that you’d like that particular object in your home... Well, hotel lover, travel junkie and design enthusiast Sophie Coryton had many of those moments and decided, after finding it increasingly difficult to find out who made such objects, to launch The Room Service – a treasure trove of carefully curated products “as seen in” some of the world’s most beautiful places. I feel very honoured and grateful to be one of the Makers featured on this beautiful site, thanks to Vanderohe being a part of arguably the world’s most beautiful – and naturals-led – spa at @fsmaldives 💙🌿🐠. Follow the link in @theroomserviceco and bring some of the magic you find on your travels back home to you✨♥️. // #vanderohe #theroomservice #makers #madewithlove

Yesterday, May 20th, was #WorldBeeDay – initiated by the UN to emphasise the importance of bees for biodiversity. Look out for our little raised honey bee on the packaging of Vanderohe No.1 Enhancing Body Serum, which is specially embossed in order to symbolise our pledge to donate 10% profits from sales of this product to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. 🐝 // #vanderohe #beautyisinthedetail #consciousbeauty #conservation

Can’t wait to see what self-taught florist @philippacraddock has come up with for today’s wedding 🌿👸✨ // ph.pinterest #royalwedding #weddingfever #philippacraddockflowers

Flower power 🧚🏼‍♂️💜 // #vanderohe

— testimonial by @_beautybalm after experiencing the skin-changing effects of No.1 Nourishing Face Serum. ✨ // #vanderohetestimonial #no1serum

Happy Mother’s Day all you mummies 💗grateful for my little love bugs 🐞🐞

We believe skincare should be simple yet effective... and to be truly effective it must go more than skin deep💆🏼‍♀️🌸🍃💚 // #vanderohe #no1serum #holisticskincare

🌷🍃New ways with fragrance... 🍃🌷 So happy to see Vanderohe No.1 Enhancing Body Serum included in this article on updating the way you wear fragrance in the latest edition of @goodhousekeepinguk 💫 In sparkling company too 🙌🏻 // #vanderohe #no1body #newfragrance

Beautiful notes of mood-enhancing vetiver, lime and neroli leave skin with the most deliciously delicate and unique scent: warm and earthy yet twinkling with sweet citrus and fresh florals. As uplifting and enticing as today was on this ☀️ bank holiday in London. 🍃 Vanderohe No.1 Enhancing Body Serum, available next month exclusively on & 🍃 // #no1body #vanderohe #moodenhancingskincare

U N D E R S T A N D. Beauty companies often ask whether you “understand” your skin. I always thought it was ironic that these brands place the emphasis on the consumer understanding what their skin needs whilst they, the beauty brand, hide and/or dress up all the ingredients in their products, focusing instead on brainwashing tactics utilising scientific jargon. Vanderohe (thanks to my own struggle with skin allergies and attempts to decipher what brands have included or elaborated in their products) was my reaction to all that elusive beauty bs. Even when I spoke to brand founders personally in interviews, I’d struggle to get clear and understandable answers. Are your ingredients organic? All of them? Who certifies them? Where are they sourced from? What do they actually DO for my skin? Do they have other benefits too...? Included with every Vanderohe product is a map insert, detailing where each and every one of our plants oils is sourced from 🌍, their organic or wildcrafted status, the effect each ingredient has topically and therapeutically💆🏼‍♀️ and, importantly, an illustration of what each of the plants looks like 🌾. Because an understanding of your skin and its needs goes hand-in-hand with an understanding of exactly what you apply to it... 💚// ph of a section of our map insert for No.1 Enhancing Body Serum illustrated by @newtonpaisley // #vanderohe #beautyisinthedetail

Documenting my 21 week bumpfie from last week as I don’t think I kept any bump pics from the boys. This pregnancy has been really tough; never-ending nausea, really bad cramps, shivering spells in the evening for a good 15 weeks solid, scan scares etc. Working full time on Vanderohe whilst also being full time mummy to the boys hasn’t been easy, but strangely all the exhaustion, stress and uneasiness has taught me a good deal about having to MAKE yourself unwind...and stop...and breathe. And to remember that it’s only by climbing the mountain that you get to see the beautiful views from the top ✨. Happy Sunday 💛 and I hope you all get to put your feet up today 😊 // #vanderohe #behindthescenes

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