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Charly  Sometimes I get emotional over fonts. Often I get emotional over sandwiches.

Watching Sarah & Duck talking about blowing up an enormous balloon and wondering if they are talking about my feet and ankles. I do bloody love this weather though, if it could just hang fire until I'm not pregnant in a few weeks that would've splendid.

Tiny and friend. Racing around after a ball like the sun isn't even out - super cute and super sweaty. Blimey it's a hot day to be up the duff, my feet are threatening to swell and I want to bathe in ice. Can't remember what my original point was. Please can I have an ice lolly? #youknowhowihatetomoan

Happy birthday to my lovely Ma. Bunting FTW. Also cake. #bunting #cake

Tech company logo I did a while back. They didn't go for this option, but I still like it. #graphicdesign #logo #logodesigner #branding #bristolcreative

Unused logo concept for a rebrand I'm working on. #logodesigner #logo #branding #rebrand #graphicdesign #red

Bring it. #happypotter

Went to a very beautiful place for afternoon tea, because I have the most lovely friends. Totally forgot to take pictures of the food. But remembered to take one of the helipad. My priorities have screwed, clearly.

Pork?! How?! #mmmlasagne?

Toilet roll dispensers have feelings too. #facesinthings

I've been married to this gorgeous man for six years today. SIX YEARS! I'm so proud of him and everything he's worked (and is still working) to achieve, and very proud to be his wife. We've had a tough year, and he's not once let me down. Except all the times he's left the grill dirty. Sort that out, Geoff. ❤ #anniversary #lookhowyoungwelooked #wearingaveilisveryirritatingwhenitswindy

I've been looking at houses on Right Move, and in nearly every listing the estate agent has attempted an arty shot of a plant in the garden. Does this help sell houses? I'd like to see some nice depth of field shots of a bog seat. Or maybe a light switch. I can't remember what my point was now but here's a plant. #plant

Bit lush round here, like. #somerset #dodgethedogpoo

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