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Vandana Verma  🌿 Wellness nerd ⚡️ Head of content/editorial @nicojournal ✉️

Afternoons indoors with my best girl ❤️

Mum and nani poring over photos on Naasha’s phone on Diwali night.

In love with the shape of Boo (sorry) / collective hostages to the AQI and hiding indoors with a sore chest/throat/everything until further notice.

My dude's been working on this music for a long time, two years to be precise. I've heard all of the tunes in this all-original two-and-a-bit-hour live set in so many different versions and I know what an arduous process these two years have been because I've witnessed it first-hand, but I know also that those two years have meant that they've been honed and polished til they shine and that they've been cooked in the little pressure cooker that has been our home and are so, so ready to be heard.

Their first outing is in Bombay on Friday the 2nd of November, and a second in Delhi a little later and if you're in either of those cities, please come for a listen and a dance x

Spending one gorgeous grey day solo in Copenhagen to wind up this fortnight away and back home to work, to Ella, and to being online tomorrow.

St Petersburg is super beautiful and super cold and it’s nowhere near winter. Hats off to the Russians for all the gorgeous architecture and being made of much sterner stuff than me.

4 metre waves in the Gulf of Finland but it looks okay here 🌊

Copenhagen to Tallinn: really clean and green and cold and wet and largely internet and email and whatsapp-less = a happy 🐰

🚢 From Denmark to Estonia


When projects past and present collide: The Motherland x Nicobar capsule goes live tomorrow in the run-up to Independence day.

Lifting heavy things in Thailand all week. (No, that isn’t me but I kind of wish it was - from the @chillwildlife feed)

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