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Ryan Reynolds  Owner: @aviationgin

The most surprising thing about the @asimplefavor party wasn’t finding out I’m only four feet tall. It’s learning I’ll probably die alone.

My stomach went to war. Even @aviationgin couldn’t help this drink. @fallontonight @jimmyfallon

Thanks Mom. #deadpool2

Huge @Aviationgin party last night. We crushed it til well past 9pm. #AviationGin #AviationOwner

Do you smell that? #Deadpool2 Super Duper Cut is on Digital Today.

Happy birthday Pops. If you were alive, you’d be 77 yrs old today. If this horse were alive, he’d be something like 105... and if we’re being honest with ourselves, probably pretty hard to look at.

Great. Another #NationalAvocadoDay

It used to be 2am. Now, nothing good happens after 8:30pm. #Deadpool2 family dinner. #SDCC

Being the drunk uncle of the Marvel universe is a responsibility I take seriously. Loved bringing the #Deadpool2 Super Duper F’n Cut to #SDCC — out on Digital August 7 & Blu-ray August 21

Ant Man, you fucked with the wrong guy. #SDCC

Still exploring the tiny glasses trend. Got these at Sunglass Hut for 19,000 dollars.

‪Spandexier is totally a word. Ask anyone. Deadpool 2: The Super Duper Cut on Digital, August 7 & Blu-ray August 21. #Deadpool2

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