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Joshua Jackson 

Just a casual TV college reunion on a Saturday night. Thanks for coming @busyphilipps. Just a few weeks left!!! I’ll put the link for tickets back up in the bio.

Happy Mother’s Day Mum. If they gave Medals for motherhood you’d deserve two. But instead I just made a mess of your house for 18 years and now forget to call on sundays. You’re welcome!! Love you Mamma.

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this.

Our production of Children of a Lesser God will be closing early.

This been the most demanding and rewarding work of my career. It has been an education and an honor to have the opportunity to work with this company. I have never been more proud of a piece of work that I have done. I have never had a more impactful professional relationship than what I have with Lauren. I have never worked harder to bring a vision to life than I have for Kenny. So it is with great disappointment that I will have to put down James Leeds before I was quite ready, but before I do

John,Treshelle,Mama,Julee and Tony.... I couldn’t make that happen every night without your tireless work and dedication.
Kenny... I am honored by the trust that you put in me to try and bring this to life. I hope we get to do this many more time(but maybe just in 1 language from now on)

And Lauren... I just can’t say this enough. I am forever in your debt for the grace you showed me as I was making my first baby steps into your language. For the patience with all of my stupid questions(and the were some doozies looking back now). For your explanation of Deaf World in ways that I could, slowly, understand. For challenging my preconceptions and biases and for matching me step for step at every moment along this journey. I have had no greater pleasure in my (almost)30 years of doing this than being James to your Sarah

And last but certainly not least..... to everyone who came to see us, either last summer or this run THANK YOU. None of this is possible without you. And to anyone coming for the next couple weeks... don’t you worry we will still bring the fire every night.
There are many more names in the company who make this happen and deserve to be mentioned.... but that’s to be written another day.



I think I might have found this weeks hype song winner.
Any suggestions for next week?

Happy,sad,confused. With a special co-signed ‘confused’. Team work makes the dream work.
Always fun to get together with another Josh and talk endlessly about my favourite
I’ll put the link in the bio. And wait for @juliagtelles to correct me later.

Where were you when I walking?

This afternoons hype music. Might be a slightly different flavour to the show.

This one is titled

Tha Queen and her Tony’s ————————————-
Lauren what a journey his has been. I am so happy for you and this well deserved recognition. You bring fire every night. It is a joy to bring this to life with you.
Please forgive my photoshop skills. And ALL HAIL THE QUEEN LAUREN RIDLOFF 2018 TONY NOMINEE!!!!

Hype music for Saturdays show. ‘Mansplaining fold em like origami’

James Leeds is could’ve used a #dirtycomputer to help him out.
#startlistening to this album!

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Congratulations to @LaurenRidloff on her Outer Critics Circle Award nomination for Best Actress in a Play! #LesserGodBway #StartListening

It’s a joy to get to do this with you every day. Congratulations and let’s go make fire tonight.

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#LesserGodBway has been nominated for 3 Drama League Awards, including Outstanding Revival! #startlistening



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