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I️ call this one ‘Happy Monkey talks Lakshmis’ ear off’

And then there was her. This is Lakshmi. She was rescued from the streets of Jaipur where she worked as domestic Labour. Her family had been held in captivity for generations before she was able to be purchased by @elephantfamily and given space to roam with her friend Moti. This journey has been fun and challenging in many ways...but Lakshmi and stories like hers-where viable solutions can protect the dignity of these animals AND the people who live with them-is why I’ve come here. Thank you to everyone who has donated I️ wish you would have a chance to look in her eyes too and see what good you have contributed to.
The link to the donations page is in the bio above


@elephantfamily @houseofwaris @elephantfamily @quintessentially

The final procession with El Hefe. It has been a hell of a journey with these #elbanditos. My first experience of India. And an introduction to a bunch of fools with the radical notion that we can coexist on this planet with other species. That by ensuring that there is space for other animals to survive we will actually thrive ourselves. (And for anybody concerned. We were going about 5km/hr in the procession. I️ was in more danger from the sweat getting in my eyes...thus the no helmet)

@travelstomyelephant @quintessentially @elephantfamily @houseofwaris

A very very good day.
Link in the bio above. You’d be surprised how far every dollar goes.
@houseofwaris @elephantfamily @travelstomyelephant @quintessentially

Banditos in the salt flats. El Doctor making tracks.
Thank you to everyone who has donated. The link is in the bio above. If you can, every dollar helps.
@houseofwaris @elephantfamily @travelstomyelephant

More to come. Put together another supercut since it a little hard to keep up to date on the road.
This has been an amazing trip. Such a good group of fellow travelers. A truly awe inspiring country... and a hell of a lot of you who have donated to help us preserve the animals and their habitat that are the reason for this trip. Thank you to everyone who has been involved. Both on the road and off....more to come. Can’t wait to show you my new main squeeze Lakshmi.

@houseofwaris @elephantfamily @travelstomyelephant @quintessentially @royalenfield

Day 5
Hello Beautiful. This is the @royalenfield that is getting me around India. And today was a hell of a ride.
Thanks to all who have donated. We’re gettin close to the end. If you can swing it please donate to the link above.
@elephantfamily @travelstomyelephant #elbanditos @houseofwaris

Day 4

Good morning. Even #elbantitos have to stop for tea. El hefe approves of this, even in the way to save the elephants. The doctor and Simone are less convinced.
Thanks to everyone who has donated. The link is in the bio above.
#elephantfamily #travelstomyelephant @houseofwaris

Day 2-3
Been a little difficult to connect. So here’s a little super cut of the last couple days. Only a few more to go. #elbanditos will keep you updated when we have service.
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated. The link is in the bio above. More to come!! @houseofwaris @elephantfamily @travelstomyelephant

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