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Van Eggers  Passed art with a D- sleep with a blankie so the ladies call me Linus.

The first three letters of the word "vanity"...
. . . 📷 @go_funk_urs31f

Well howdy doody sweet cheeks,
The prettiest thing I've seen in weeks,
Must be tough being so small,
But lady your looks have got it all.
"Linus courts a female" enamel/collage.

Curious that people in communist country dress so flamboyantly, while us here in the states dress like glorified garbage men. Although these Afro Cubans conversation is probably along the lines of " Why is that gangly gringo pointing a camera at us." I like to think their outfits are saying " Yeah Fidel, stick that in your Cohiba and smoke it!" #cuba #cubafashion

Linus lumbers into Louisville to visit that nut Civil.

To be a pool shark would be grand,
Playing in a smoke filled club in jazz land,
I'd wear a navy suit and slick back my hair,
I'd hustle bar flys and never play fair,
My life would be filmed in black and white,
Looking too damn cool would be my plight.
"Linus watches The Hustler" enamel/collage on paper.

Enduring Atlanta's traffic, hotel rooms that looked like it's last occupant was Jeffrey Dahmer, and a flat tire, just to see this gangly artisan. Lookout Louisville I'm coming for ya.

Shoes had more cushion than a Kleenex,
And I didn't mind the dimensions of decks,
To be shrimpy with brother and friends,
Creates nostalgia through a VX lens.
"Linus skates clock tower" collage/enamel.

Most of @morefieldvisuals subjects are a lot sexier than I am. But can they tre flip? At the rate hot girls are starting to skate these days.. probably.

I see shoes, a ticket, is that a wiener?
Good heavens my art used to be cleaner,
Just a mess of paint is my consensus,
Abstract art? It seems a little pretentious.
"Linus goes to the movies" Enamel/collage on paper.

"Basement Dweller"

Not the most stylish tricks to happen at Pulaski Plaza but jeepers is it an honor to get to skate this legendary spot in DC. Lens cred @go_funk_urs31f

This was mother friggen exhausting. And excellent. And exhausting. My P.I.C in this project @nicosuavalicious is one hell of a talented and warm hearted individual that I am proud to have collaborated with. Spank you @soot_baup and @hannah_creates for lending a much needed hand in this project, they are as talented as they are beautiful, which is very. And a big wet smooch goes out to @warpigglet the sweetest little spitfire, for setting this whole thing up. Much love Kona, happy 40th.
#konaskatepark #skateparkmural #kona40th

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