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wynonna estabrook  I'm a 16 year old autistic, I have a butler, taken,i roleplay, I have a hard time in real life not on line, this I my way of escaping life

@evelyn_rose_jones ( my oc account): *smiles at the old picture as happy tears run down her face* I...I remember this day it's when Finland and Sweden adopted me when I was abandoned by America and England during the independence war when I was 2 before my hair turned brown and my eyes green

*kisses the Prince's cheek* it was a pleasure meeting you your highness*the young mistress said smiling*

Happy birthday Luxembourg~(( Luxembourg tags))

It was quiet in the movie theater, Evelyn was sitting next to her Butler grell holding her Bucket of popcorn waiting for the movie to start. Ciel was jealous that I got the extra large bucket with more popcorn then him, while both Evelyn and grell weren't paying attention ciel took Evelyn's popcorn. *Looks and starts to cry* popcorn, g...grell popcorn is gone

~happy birthday Poland!~πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ(( Poland tags))

Don't mess with the French( random France tag)

Sailor Moon oc:
Sailor name: sailor earth/ princess evergreen
Human name: Evelyn Diane rose
Age: 17
Crushes: unknown
Weapon: magic staff
Powers: earth, water, air and fire
Skills: combat
Loves: cooking, drawing and writing
Part time: Baker/ designer

(( borrowed from @grell_the_sexy_grim_reaper ))(( open rp for any grell)) it was a beautiful night in London, grell was on stage playing his guitar for a huge crowd. Evelyn his young master pushed through the crowd to see and was amazed at how well he played. Grell looked down at her and smirked as he liked his lips.

Evelyn: *has a flashback of what happened to dad and drops to my knees crying* please

Evelyn was at the grin reaper dispatch society to get her Butler grell for their time they spend together. She walked inside and the other reapers bowed as she walked through the door. She went upstairs to grell's office and heard noises.*kicked the door open and sees Sebastian and William with grell* g....g....grell w.... what is going on*tears stream down my face*

I lost my brother three years ago from a drowning accident. He thought he could swim across a bit of water and was swept away by the current. I flirt to make people feel happy and not depressed like I am, i used to cut myself and have scars on my hand from it. I'm so depressed because of my brothers death I don't spend time with my family anymore, I just lock myself in my room away from everyone. I don't go outside anymore like I used to, I don't swim in open water anymore, that's how depressed i am

Evelyn was walking around the town of London enjoying the cool breeze that blew down the streets. Evelyn was turning the corner when she was pinned and impaled by her Butler's chainsaw. *Coughs up blood and weakly looks into your eyes* g...grell s...snap out of it!*he snaps out of his trance and tears run down his face as he noticed he was covered in her blood*. *Tears of pain and wanting to stay alive ran down her face* p... please help me

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