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Val Thomas  Canadian Folk with some pop stop drop feels yanaaamean.

absolutely love playing and singing in old spooky places

new songs in ma head new songs in ma hearrrrt new songs in maaaa bellyyyy— gonna be working on a new project with beautiful musicians to bring those songs to life and I’m super pumped about it 🤗!!!

light show woah

Back at it with the homeboyiiiies for a lovely sunshining time @lolewomen Montreal. Shoutout to the superb apple tree that made us feel like we were in the garden of Eden.

Yiooo! Gonna be playing some tunes tomorrow for @lolewomen #lolewhitetourmontreal 🙏✌️

photo: @selinavesely ❤️

do you know @jointheclubsandwich ?? Well now ya do! Darby has awesome photo projects like this one reppin for the badass seniors wwuuuuuiiuuttt! She also writes pretty songs and gives fancy hugs. Check out her stuffffz ❤️

bad boys.
@gen_z and @sarahmkmusic you light up my ❤️

when @selinavesely says smiiiiiiile 🤗

just a fun night out on the town 🌩

working on some new tuuuuunes 🌸

just a fool in paradise

hoodrats at a wedding

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