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Valonia Irene  A clinical student who enjoys #globegazing, arts, literatures, fashion and does ballet & write for the sanity. 📬

Thought goes back to when I enjoyed one warm bowl of chicken ginseng soup at this restaurant established at 1960, on a 4 degrees celcius winter night. Samgyetang; soup consist of a whole baby chicken stuffed with ginseng and rice, served with a shot of soju and added noodles, rinduuu!

On Friday and in the mood of Rupi Kaur 🤓 (Copyright: Rupi Kaur)

Don't you want it? Observing life from afar for once? Just as how the astronauts observing their life from space? Then you would finally be humbled by the fact that, no matter how great you are there will always be something greater. #globegazing #yogyaglobegazing

Given another chance to spend today with a companion, still definitely will object it. For today is too perfect to be spent with my mind. Yet, another day with a companion does sound nice. But today, solitude is a bliss ✨ #globegazing #yogyaglobegazing

"One day you'll know what pure life ties you; struggle, successes, failures." --- Taken from one of the poetry written by a relative for Tineke, a Surakarta Princess. #globegazing #yogyaglobegazing

A contradictory occurrence in its best companionship. It gives a sparks of warmth to the cold. It balances the freezing hand into a comfortable degrees. There is always something about the falling snow and a cup of coffee, I heard. #globegazing #koreaglobegazing

Blame the postcard that has just arrived from Seoul and the blog writing for causing moving on even harder 🇰🇷 (New blog post "Stay , in The Moment" on bio, a more complete post focusing on South Korea travel will be up next though ✌🏻) #TBPMonthly

Creepy acupuncture gentlemen I met on one freezing morning, 안녕하세요 😎

Never knew lies would smell so goddamn expensive 💭 (copyright: kittendust)

Midnight mood 💭

But I do, let money buy me joy where love failed, don't we all after all? #globegazing #koreaglobegazing

Monochrome palette in a 🌞but ☃️day

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