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Valonia Irene  A clinical student who enjoys #globegazing, arts, literatures, fashion and does ballet & write for the sanity. 📬valoniairene@gmail.com


Wandering through the screen at the moment, should be enough, no? #endurancemode

Dukkha, Samudaya, Nirhodha, Magga; Read Buddha's four noble truths just now <3 (Copyright: Rupi Kaur)

Which one do you see first? The terror brought by mankind, or, the beauty the circumstances promised?

When the whereabout of me is somewhere in few months back, around Seoul. Writing a blog post got me lost in the past again... #koreaglobegazing

Mendadak Ubud hari ini? Haha happy belated birthday, kebiasaan ga foto waktu celebration ya, too absorbed in the moment to remember to take a photo :") @ouijetevois

The best person to be with is the one who is able to challenge your mind not only to be better but also to be happier. Thus I wish you a long long and contentful decades to come full of blessings, so that by your presence more minds and souls around you can be challanged. A year older and you already are a lot wiser, then what again should I wish you for? (See you soon, wherever again this time may be <3)

When you're much older I wish that this little memories will be able to remind you of how insane you once for choosing freedom over the status quo, happiness over security, and inconveniences over comforts. Through all the changes which will follow I wish you an abundance blessings so that you will be able not only to empower yourself but also others around you as well. A little older and I wish a lot wiser :)

What does a long weekend mean without a little mind stimulation, anyway? Kemarin saya menghadiri kelas menulis yg diselenggarakan oleh Gogirl dan Dermatix. Di akhir kelas, kami diberi tantangan untuk menulis sebuah "feature" ttg Dermatix dalam waktu tidak lebih dari 20 menit. Long story short, saya memilih isu favorit saya untuk mengemas "feature" tsb, yaitu women empowerment dan luckily made it to top 3 students, yeay! Terimakasih Mba @esnoemetha untuk ilmunya hari ini, ternyata more often than not, saya sering lupa core purpose dan detail saat menulis. Cerita lebih lengkap bisa diklik di link di bio :) #gogirlpopupclassxdermatix #dermatixdaringbeauty

Bedtime companions; one for what is inside & one for what is outside. Funny how even the slightest word in a book could ignite one mind's muscle. In love with natural oil as skin care since reading this book!

On Friday and in the mood of Rupi Kaur 🤓 (Copyright: Rupi Kaur)

Don't you want it? Observing life from afar for once? Just as how the astronauts observing their life from space? Then you would finally be humbled by the fact that, no matter how great you are there will always be something greater. #globegazing #yogyaglobegazing

Given another chance to spend today with a companion, still definitely will object it. For today is too perfect to be spent with my mind. Yet, another day with a companion does sound nice. But today, solitude is a bliss ✨ #globegazing #yogyaglobegazing

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