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Rae 🚀✨  I play videogames for a living while trying to live a healthy life- Partnered Twitch streamer!📍Currently at TwitchCon! ⬇️Follow my Twitter for updates


I PUT LIPSTICK ON AND I DON’T LIKE IT LOL. Feelin this new hair color even though I’m not used to it. I feel weird. Lipstick is sticky. Live in 30 minutes!! Starting Evil Within 2 today. ***pre apologizes for possible screams and/or bleeding earholes**** Link in my bio or search Twitch.TV/Valkyrae come hangout! —edit— not live anymore! Thanks for stopping by if you did.. I appreciate it❤️

New hair.. 😯 goodbye blonde ombré! I’m not quite used to it yet but I’m ready to let my hair be natural colored andddd I’m working on letting it be naturally curly as well. I just want to stop damaging it so it’ll grow longer and healthier!

I know I just posted that second photo recently but I was going through my old photos and found one of my “day one” pictures.. had to post a comparison. I am small.. I’m 5’3.5” and for these past two years weighed between 99-104 pounds. I guess I was “skinny fat” back then.. but I don’t remember thinking that way. I just wanted to feel healthy.. I used to have worse back pain, legs would go numb from sitting too much, mentally stressed, alone and depressed, I had headaches, asthma, hives, allergies WAY more often than I do now. I remember running on the treadmill and I would have to stop because my asthma would get pretty bad.. now i don’t have asthma anymore. Honestly, I still feel insecure at times as well but damn.. it was WAY worse back then. BUT THIS ISN’T THE POINT. All of this is so much more than looks. Most importantly.. I’ve grown to listen to my body.. be more aware of what feels best.. when I need more sleep.. when I need space from people who are energy demanding.. when I don’t feel okay.. there is a reason. Your body is always telling you something and that’s what I feel is the most important drive to take steps to be more actively healthy. I want to help people someday. Not only share my stories with depression, mental abuse from not only myself but past relationships, family issues.. I remember how awful I used to feel.. and just doing something like this for yourself can make such a huge difference in your life. But even after two years I still feel I have a long ways to go.. so much more to learn before I can teach. Regardless, maybe little posts like these will inspire some of you. Or be just enough motivation you needed to take a baby step towards a better direction i don’t know why I get into a rant mood when I post photos like these.. I guess because it just blows my mind how much things have changed since back then.. how much time has passed and in that time how much our feelings change... I’m just going to stop now lol... sending you love and energy to get through another day of your precious life❤️

This is me forcing it trying to find the progress lol 😅😭🎉 (swipe right!) ..two years of lifting.. TWO. YEARS.

Forgot to post this sloppy piano improv on here. Been practicing again finally. I'm no professional but piano has been an on and off hobby of mine for many years.. wish I never stopped practicing

Goodmorning. Have an amazing day today or else.😡❤ Permanent live streaming schedule posted on my Twitch! Link in my bio. Been playing Witcher 3 Blood and Wine DLC on the hardest difficulty with enemy upscaling, trying to finish up Outlast 2, started playing Hell Blade and also downloaded Age of Empires 2 for the nostalgia (I'll be streaming AoE2 later today!) Sometimes I also randomly stream Hearthstone Arena if you're into that. If you ever have time come say hi and hang while I'm live! Best community on Twitch❤💕❤💕❤

addicted to seeing progress.. it's difficult to start.. but once you get the ball rolling you won't want to stop... (Sweats- @gymsharkwomen
Sports bra- @nikewomen )

Here are some of my back lumps that I'm very proud of.
Putting in effort to be healthier was the best decision I have ever made for myself.. I can't wait to be better so I can help others be better😭🎉

Trying to play it cool but I was shaking and hyperventilating LOL definitely have a fear of heights😂😭 this was up the Calgary Tower in Canada! 🇨🇦 also wanted to say THANK YOU FOR 100k FOLLOWS!!! Many of you are new, many have been around since the beginning. But I thank you all equally for supporting me and making my dreams a reality. I am nothing without the support and love many of you have shown me. I want to start working on a Draw My Life video once I get back home to Austin, Texas for you guys! (Currently temporarily in California) My life has been a ridiculous ride but I'm excited.. and a bit nervous.. to share it with you all. Thank you all so much again!! ❤ sending you some virtual love and hugs❤

I am almost 50% hair😆

Something new🙄❤
dress: @lovecultureofficial

Really weird shadows but I liked my hair 😍 actually getting my hair done tomorrow!... Stay tuned..😬 ALSO some news I forgot to share! I handcrafted a cute little gift for my two year subscribers on Twitch! (Posted photos of them on my Twitter) I'm very proud of them and excited to give back to my long time supporters. Wish I could send a gift to you all 😅❤ maybe I'll add some to future sub giveaways! Anyways going to sleep. Goodnighty instafam❤ (crop sweater from @urbanoutfitters tights from @lululemon )

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