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Rae 🚀✨  Gaming | Fitness | Full time internet person! Find me live at ➡️Twitch.TV/Valkyrae ⬅️ Come say hi and hang sometime!

Really weird shadows but I liked my hair 😍 actually getting my hair done tomorrow!... Stay tuned..😬 ALSO some news I forgot to share! I handcrafted a cute little gift for my two year subscribers on Twitch! (Posted photos of them on my Twitter) I'm very proud of them and excited to give back to my long time supporters. Wish I could send a gift to you all 😅❤ maybe I'll add some to future sub giveaways! Anyways going to sleep. Goodnighty instafam❤ (crop sweater from @urbanoutfitters tights from @lululemon )

Yesterday I traded in my WRX and got a brand new 2018 Subaru Crosstrek 😭🎉💕 (more photos on my Twitter) Wanted a more spacious, all wheel drive, gas efficient car. Plus I love the style and color I'm so so SO happy with it! Also wanted to share I will finally be releasing Merch when we hit 100k follows on Instagram! (I don't have a logo.. the merch will be a variety of my derp emotes from Twitch!) another update-- I'll be in Calgary, Canada from the 24th-27th and after that I will have a CONSISTENT STREAM SCHEDULE ALL THE WAY UP UNTIL TWITCHCON!!! Very excited for the future and putting more effort in the stream/gym grind🎉 okay I think that's all for now I LOVE YOU BYE 😭❤❤❤❤ ((((also also also I will be streaming Witcher 3 DLC later today! I'll tweet out before I go live.. I've heard nothing but good things about it! Hope you can hangout! have an amazing day☺️)))

Heading back home from Otakon! Feeling super nerdy at the airport right now lol ✌🏼😁 can't wait to show you guys all the awesome stuff I bought on stream! #bestshirtever

#Otakon2017 this is what I'm wearing all day if you see me say hi!! I'll tweet out a location and time on my Twitter for a meet up sometime later today! Got this adorable overall skirt at a tiny Kawaii boutique here at Otakon yesterday😍 it even came with a detachable bear hood🐻💕

Hihi. cozy rae is cozy. Just wanted to announce that I'll be at Otakon this entire weekend in Washington DC! (A huge anime convention) If you see me be sure to say hello! 😁💕 (Ps- I will be at TwitchCon this year as well in Cali!)

lazy day for smol lazy human bean. Have a wonderful weekend fellow beans! 🙌🏼#praisethesun photocred: @sonydgg

I understand this photo is terrible BUT WITH THIS LIGHTING I HAVE SUMMONED A VIEW OF MY BABY BICEP I HAVE BIRTHED!!! Proud of myself for not just working out my legs and butt.. now I can lift HEAVIER THINGS!!! *punches wall* (Also yes I did buy this dress lol 😅 from @garageclothing )

☀️day dreaming🌱 literally laying in bed right now not feeling very well. Comment and spam some photos and I'll spam some of you back for funsies💕 edit- done spamming! Thanks for the love❤️

Feeling like a Disney princess ☺️💕
Romper/dress: @urbanoutfitters
Photographer: @starlinghopephoto

So after this I have one more outfit to show you guys from my first ever photoshoot then I'll have another photoshoot this upcoming Monday! So excited! It's been fun and you guys are so kind and supportive. Not just on here but on Twitch as well. Sometimes I can't believe my life and I'm so grateful. I read everything and try to reply to as many of you as possible without being on my phone 24/7😅💕 ANYWAYS I'm torn with what color I should dye my hair next. Any suggestions? I was thinking about attempting white/grey again 🤔 also this is an overall skirt. I think it was wee bit too big for me but it's okie it's casual and cute I think lol \😬/
(Photographer: @starlinghopephoto
Entire outfit: @forever21 )

Hiya! it me. smol girl on smol rock.
This was at the end of the photoshoot and I was very done with the Texas heat LOL😅
No stream today but you can see my stream schedule on Twitter or my Twitch! Been playing Witcher 3 on hardest difficulty with death counter. Come stop by and say hi tomorrow! (Overall skirt, wedges, and shirt: @forever21
Photographer: @starlinghopephoto )

One of my favorite photos from the shoot☺️ photo 2/3 with this outfit!
(Photographer: @starlinghopephoto
Dress/romper: @urbanoutfitters
Chokers: @forever21 )

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