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Pigs 😊

Water fight anyone?

mystique! I miss you!

Kobi and Mystique at the park

Hey all my Mystique lovers!! This is Kobi and Mystique How are you all? Got an update for you! Here it is: Just over a week ago I took Mystique for an initial 30 minute visit to a Nursing Home to see how she would cope and if she might be suitable for their Visiting Pets Program. Its basically visits to Nursing homes to help the residents feel more at home and happy, so I wanted to see if Mystique might also be suitable.
As I said, we initially had a 30 min visit scheduled but she did so well that we stayed for hours. You should be so proud of your little girl.
Mystique is so fascinating at night when she wants to play and she starts ‘talking’ to me and twisting her head from side to side, she makes me laugh. She also loves her cuddles as I am sure you can appreciate. More updates to come!!

I think i owe you lovely followers an update on Mystique. Her new owner adores her and wants to train her to do SAR search and rescue. HOW EXCITING!! Mystique is in South Australia at the moment with her new koolie brother Koby. (in the picture above on the right)

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