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Sunsets in Miami are so pretty 🦋🦋🦋 Can you spot my little shoulder muscles 🌚🙊
I gotta say, I actually started to love training my upper body, idk why but it just makes me feel strong. So today was the first time in a year or so that I weigh myself. I decided to not weigh myself when I started my fitness journey, because it always put me under so much pressure and made me feel even worse. I believe that what the scale says shouldn’t really matter as long as you feel great in your body! But I‘m still going to tell you how much I weigh since I get asked that a lot. Currently my weight is 102lb which is 46kg. And I knoooow you‘re probably gonna be like “whaaat that’s too light“ yes it‘s definitely not that much but I feel the strongest I‘ve ever felt, and I am planning to get even stronger! 🙏🏽🌸 What are yours goals?
Workout Set from @gym.attitude

Using the @fitfck app to see if there is anyone who wants to hit a beach workout with me. Download today and see if you can match my profile 😜 #ad

Motivation Story - A year ago, I started with my journey to a better life. 🙏🏽 It wasn’t just my body I didn’t liked, it was my life. I was never happy and satisfied, even though I had already everything a person really needs. I was just in a very dark place and I honestly didn’t know where this journey was going to take me. Thank god my ambitiousness never let me down and I kept going and started this battle against my mind. 🧠 I started to really fight for what I wanted and pushed myself everyday a little harder. And I don’t even remember when the change happend but I suddenly stopped caring and comparing my life to other people’s life because I was so focused on reaching my own goals! 🏆 And believe me when I say that this was one of the best feelings ever! Ever since then I started to rise up in the mornings with a smile on my face and I just appreciate every single day and thing in my life! 💫
And all of this happened without any more money or materialistic things. I changed my mindset and that’s it. You’ll find your success nowhere else than in yourself! 🍀

I‘m totally obsessed with this cover up from one of my fav swimwear brands @pretty__pink__princess 💕
I told you guys today on my Instagram Story to ask me your questions about fitness so I can answer them in my next Youtube Video which will be about my Weight Loss Journey. 🙌🏽 Feel free to ask them in the comments below since I don’t receive all the dm’s. 😋
I’m always trying and adding new things into my diet or my workouts to see if they work for me. So I gave myself a challenge today. I noticed that I‘m always craving for sugar and it‘s gotten quite annoying. 🙄 Sooo I’m going to try to avoid sugar as much as I can and that also means instead of my beloved smoothie bowls, I‘m going to try out smoothies made with vegetables. 🥒🥦 I already bought all the groceries and actually can‘t wait for tomorrow to start this new challenge. 🙈 Of course I will give you guys an update on my body during this time and hopefully I can overcome my sweettooth habit. 🤷🏼‍♀️
If you feel like you’re stuck with your fitness progress, try to change up your routine. Do something your body isn’t expecting from you, this could be the one thing you’ve been missing to reach your goals.🙏🏽😊

So I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how much calories or carbs I eat. And the answer is I don’t know because I don’t count them. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I used to think that counting your calories and eating as little as possible was the only way to loose weight but it‘s definitely not. 🚫I learned that a clean diet and working out on the side was the only way to get in shape for me. 🥑 This didn’t happend in 2 weeks, you need to be consistent for this to be working! 😘
Here some baby steps that you can take: 🌸
1. Start with home workouts this can help you getting comfortable with working out before you go to the gym
2. Avoid drinking sodas and juices - They carry a lot of empty calories in them
3. Stop buying and eating fast food (If you feel for a cheat meal don’t buy it - make it yourself instead)
4. Start making your my own meals & you can get recipes from food bloggers on Instagram
5. Eat smaller meals but frequently throughout the day

👏🏽Lower Ab Workout👏🏽
What helped me finding motivation to start my fitness journey was watching videos of other girls working out and sharing their transformation stories. So I thought I‘m gonna do the same thing for my followers and hopefully I can be an inspiration and motivation for you like someone else was for me!💗 You got this, believe in yourself and start today! 🙌🏽 ✨
The first thing I do in the gym is always a 15 minutes Ab workout. 💪🏽 ✨
1. Vertical toe touches 15x3 reps
2. Cocoons 20x3 reps
3. Single leg drop 20x3 reps
4. Double leg drop 15x3 reps
5. High sit ups 15x3 reps

Leggings from @lilybod
Top from @gym.attitude

Met yesterday this sweetheart @nicki_andrea 💗 We didn’t even realize until we saw the picture that we have a completely different look! And we absolutely love it, I mean how boring would it be if we would all look the same. In the end all that matters is that you’re comfortable and happy in your own skin! As soon as you start truly loving yourself new doors are going to open for you. 💫 With that said - Shoutout to all the girls working on loving themselves in a world that’s constantly telling them not to. I’m proud of you! 😊🌸

Aaaand my Youtube Video is live! It’s all about FOOD and I also added a little extra workout for you guys ! 🤗 What do you wanna se next? I got a lot of messages of you saying - “Weight loss journey“ Is this something you would be interested in? 🙈 Letmeknow 💗
Bikini by @youngnfoxy

Hey guys, I think I’m gonna cry this week hasn’t been treating me right at all! 😢 Ever since I got sick this weekend I’m suffering from Acid Reflux, and because of that I’m not able to eat certain foods like Spices, Oily foods, or even citrus fruits make me wanna throw up. But it’s not even just food, it’s so bad that I couldn’t even do my workout this morning. As if this isn’t enough, I’m also bloated! And trust me I haven’t felt and looked this bloated in a very long time. Even though I know it will go away, it still mentally gets me. I feel unmotivated and fat (yes fat!). Oh and besides that I also had an allergic reaction today to carrots and got my eye swollen for it. 🥕🆘 So yea, as you can see I’m really looking forward to better days lol. 🙏🏽💗 Btw my direct messages aren’t working so if you want to ask me something send me an email :) Good night lovelys 💫

Can we talk about how my boyfriend always makes fun of me whenever something awkward happens to me ☹️
Oh and I also failed climbing this palmtree, I would have sworn that I was good in climbing 🤔 Anyways here a video of me being silly. That‘s honestly how my boyfriend and I act everyday & can‘t take life too serious right ?!💃🏼🕺🏿
Bikini from @pretty__pink__princess

Because I haven’t posted a Booty pic in a while. 🤭
So I actually get a lot of messages asking “What I did to get my legs to be so thin” and it’s so funny because I’m actually struggling right now to get my legs to be stronger & thicker. 🙈 Just because I’m posting pictures of my legs or booty or whatever it is, doesn’t mean I’m happy with them, no, but I’m working on them and that’s the only thing that matters to me. If you’re not happy with something on yourself stop complaining and start to actually change it. You will be surprised how fast life can change if you put hard work in whatever it is that makes you happy.😊🌸
Picture by @clint
Bikini by @mgs.shop

Hi Insta Fam 👻
Kinda feels like this weekend is never ending, woke up super sick yesterday with fever, muscle aches and no appetite at all (that never happens). 🤒 Everytime I get sick, I‘m so grateful that I‘m actually a healthy person. ☺️ And luckily today I woke up super healthy again and am already on my way to the beach to get some fresh air.
Bikini by @saltymermaidswim
Video by @jpsuave_

Today I woke up again really tired but as soon as I started with my workout I was so energized. 😬 Since so many of you are always asking me for more Workout videos on Youtube. I was thinking to actually start posting short Workout Videos on Instagram and the entire & explained ones on Youtube. How does that sound? 😋

So if you own some booty bands and wanna do a quick booty workout, here we go. 💗

1. Walking squats 30x3
2. Sumo squats 20x3
3. Donkey kick to the side 15x3 each leg
4. Jumping squats 20x3
5. Glute bridges 15x3 each leg ✨
*This isn’t my entire workout* but you can add it into your workout plan. :)

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