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Valere Ng 黄韻璇  🍌🎬🚗💩 💎 #keepchuasting


ear cancer alert⚠️ compare the difference between the behind the scenes of ep 570 and the real thing !! anyway, just psle peeps‼️ y'all can do it wewew
#melissatanglin #kalilatanglin @hannahkitty

some credit card madness is about to happen this week !! tune in to find out💳#tanglinch5 #melissatanglin #ep565-567

post comps !! the ng sisters attack🔥 @chloe_dance_fusion // swipe to the end for pretty clouds <3
📷: @sabrilcheese

you know you're a dancer when you know your latin choreo better than your algebraic formulas🔥

3rd Pilipinas International Open Dance Championships !! here's to the start of the manila spam:D good job and gws @sabrilcheese && thank you @semovahristina for your guidance in the past weeks and your confidence in us 🙌🏻 thank you #tdabymelvinandsharon for the arrangements and support! 🎥 ++ thankiew unnie for your oak tree costume:p @chloe_dance_fusion 📷: @frogletgal

last day of shoot before eoys !! ++ last day in this uniform🙌🏻 #tanglinch5 #melissatanglin

what's behind the scenes of #ep558? #tanglinch5

cstd !! congrats to everyone who competed yesterday! ya'll were bombz🔥🔥

feels great to be back on the dance floor again after close to 4 months !! special thanks🙏 to my dear teachers @semovahristina @mtjp66 @hbtan55 @lukafanni @uapanxx and Sven Ninnemann for guidance :D #tdabymelvinandsharon #ballareinternationalchampionship2017

hi @yeetato !! thankiew for being such a sweet potato🍠🍠 but stop being a couch potato cuz eoys are coming and i don't want you to become a baked potato⚠ anyway, throw🔙 to jujuonthebeat at csm<3

happy teachers day🔥🔥 // @rruoshi here's to more dab-incorporated stunts with #valshi !! jy for eoys humans:D

hi Trisha:DD thank you so much for loving and supporting Tanglin!🙆🙆 remember to always eat healthily and stay happy ok! really appreciate aunty Mastura @aauo for sharing this video!💯💯 #tanglinch5

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