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valere ng 黄韻璇  #keepchuasting #frickyfrickypiao nycd <3

happy 16th yeetato 🍠🍠🍠
hehe xiexie you for being a gr10 funsized-buddy with me yays HAHA going home with you is alwaysalwaysalways fun ++ i love how we can just instantly click and talk about everything and anything without needing to see each other everyday :") please don't grow taller and leave me alone HAHA but yay jiayous buddy :") we can do this!! have a sweet sixteen u fella 💛💛

chanced upon @nanowhitesg skincare products while shopping at @watsonssg :)) <3 the cute packaging and how effortless it is to use wewew!! it is suitable for our age group toooo ;)))

hello vanay ;)
happy 16th <33 thankiew for being a gr10 tall bean to this short bean here for the past 4 years hehe :))) please stop growing so i can finally catch up to you ohgod🔥 ++ we rllyrllyrlly needa take more pics tgt cuz we keep forgetting grrr HAHA and im running out of pics to blackmail u ;) let's go out tgt and get lost more often 💛💛 jiayou tgt this year :)))) saranghae u✨✨

melissa finally gets to babysit baby grace!! ++ we have a new friend today ;)) #ep751tonight #tanglinch5 #tanglintakesabreak

thank you so much for joining us today! happy father’s day!!!#Repost @mediacorpch5 with @get_repost
Happy Father’s Day from the cast of Tanglin! Head on to our FB page to see what they were up to on stage! 🤗 #TanglinCh5 #CelebratingFathersSG

tanglin cast will see y’all at OCBC Square, Sports Hub @ 12.30pm on 17th June !! 我们不见不散 ;) #celebratingfatherssg #tanglinch5 #tanglintakesabreak

it was a wrap for #tanglinch5 ohcridieme buttttt you can still look forward to behind the scenes yay;) watch all the way to the end hehe btw ++ all episodes will be on @toggle_sg. #tanglintakesabreak #ep748tonight

hi there fam :")
they say "you don't know how lucky you are until you lose it", ive never felt such a strong attachment to something as i did with tanglin. partly because this is afterall the biggest and most meaningful production ive ever been on so far and because of the amazing collaboration between everyone on set and behind the scenes :") i didn't know that i could feel so much for this set, this amazing group of people and all these unforgettable memories ahhh :') thank you tanglin fam for welcoming me into this huge family and guiding me a step at a time throughout this loooong journey, even though i was such a newbie and also sometimes such a burden (lol) but yall still were with me "every step of the way" :") thank you for "shining a light" in my 4 years of secondary school and allowing me to learn and grow continuously on set everyday :) i will definitely miss rushing on set everytime after school and seeing everyone together in one big scene :") even though sometimes "times get tough", but still, thank you for all those memories, it reallyreallyreally helped me grow more mature as a person and allowed me to learn how to handle all kinds of situations :) thank you for every single conversation, every single interaction and every single learning step in the past 3.5 years, thank you for the motivational and emotional advice given to me on the day of the wrap party, i will definitely hold it close to my heart forever and try to work on my shortcomings :") thank you for such an amazing night and handling my crying HAHA (which was probably the longest and the most emotional crying scene ive ever done HAHA lol)
no amount of dedications and thank yous are enough to express my gratitude towards this tanglin family but I would still like to thank everyone involved in this production for being the bestest, the most friendliest and the most lovely bunch of people i will ever meet in my life. i have so many regrets now that this has ended but also i have so much more to learn but thank you for being those stepping stones and in my life :") i will reallyreallyreallyreallyreally miss all of yall and even though i might not express it in the most open way but

attended preview screening of My Perfect You directed by cathy garcia-molina, starring pia wurtzbach and gerald anderson. opens in all cathay cineplexes from 31st may. thank you @mm2singapore for the tickets !!

cult18 saranghaeyo💛 xiexie for a gr10 barmos and also im super proud of our performance :')) awws yall were stunning🔥🔥🔥 p.s. vote nycdcult18 for singapore's next top models hehe!!

the most fun i had in awhile !! barmos with the bestest ahh💘💘

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