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finally, +82 bound. ✈️ #travelwVal

first trip of 2017 ✔️ a very much needed short & sweet getaway, a self-healing break. #travelwVal

sippin' on sunshine ✨


cheers to the end of internship!!!!!!! & unofficial grad YASSS 🍻 it's been one hella ride, 6 months wouldn't be as bearable without u guys, 🎉 24/24 wks down!! good job everyone we survived and pull through tgt in one piece 🙆🏻✨

Happy Valentine's Day; to my one and only valentine 💐 // It's been quite a journey with you and finally, I can safely say, this is our day. 고마워 내사랑 ❤️☺️🥂 #VDayatSentosa

Dinner was nothing short of amazing, ☺️🥂💐 Thank you for making me the happiest girl, @rongjiann_ ❤️

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! // thanks for the past two days, my long awaited getaway & break from work ☺️ Thank you for feeding me & planning everything, can't wait for our upcoming trip!!!! 💖💖💖

Do you see us cringing?(like literally) HAHAHAH🤣 Happy blessed birthday!!!!!! @rongjiann_ 💝 I'm glad you enjoyed the adv celebration & the gifts for you☺️🎉 couldn't be there w you on this joyful day :( but AYYY I'm secretly throwing a party here for u across the sea hehe🎈Cheers to another amazing year ahead - this year will be yours, go chase after ur dreams & live it! Y'know I always got your back! 🙆🏻💖

finally a good photo w my hottest babe and the one who was there since the very beginning, i truly believe that there's a reason to everyone we meet in our lives & you are def one of them who added a greater meaning to it 💖 we may not be the closest friend to each other but i can safely and surely say that you hold a special place in my <3 ☺️ kudos for being the charismatic leader, amazing friend who nvr fails to listen & always putting up the best of you infront of everyone despite of all the shiz you were going through. I'm extremely proud of you girl, now that we're left w counting down days to our official graduation, let's make the best out of it and bid goodbye to SP with full pride! 💪🏻😎💝🙆🏻✨ p/s: ppl attended agm, i think we held party by the beach! 😂😉

Thank you ISC juniors for your effort in making our final AGM(final event too) a memorable one! Kudos to souvenirs team, I rly liked the wooden box carved w our name on it! I'm sure the rest love it as well! Can't believe my 3 years w ISC has come to an end, it felt like ISFOP 2014 was only yesterday! ☹️ Thank you ISC for being such a great second home where I meet so many amazing people ❤ these 3 years in SP wouldn't be the same without ISC, thank you ISC, you know who you are. 🙆🏻🎉 Cheers to graduation soon!!!!!! 😁😁😁 // cr to my bij @sylvi_sylvia 😘 #ISCAGM2017

Can't wait to fly again! ✈️ 2 more months till I get to travel YAYYYYY 😍🎉 TILL THEN, HANG IN THERE EVERYONE 💪🏻 graduation is close, so close❣ #travelwVal

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