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The private ‘jet’ we took a few days ago to visit the Red Sea! Still trying to figure out whether to feel comfy or confused 🤯😂

Feeling like a super villain with good intentions. ❄️ A creative lifestyle piece with my boy @therealtarzann and @karmagawa capturing how badass this place was @sixsenseszilpasyon ⚡️

Crisp ocean waters of @sixsenseszilpasyon 🎥 @theoquenee

Third wheeling two legends 🎥

Client: ‘I need this edit ASAP ‘ Me:

We drove 6 hours w/ @karmagawa across Kenya to visit the Maasai Tribe. These people live on their own terms, their own principles and their own resources - including their own medicine. What you are seeing is @therealtarzann being marked a warrior by the tribe, followed by a ceremonial dance they perform to unite the community and get everyone in sync. Another rare experience I'm glad I could live through, capture and share from my perspective 🇰🇪🔖👲🏾

⚠WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES⚠Some footage I helped shoot the past week with @vetpaw - @samkolder made this important message and we are all pushing it heavily. With roughly over a thousand Rhinos being killed each year and only 5,000 black rhinos left they are now critically endangered and based on statistics can go extinct within the next 5 years if we don't act now. This is the real world and the graphic images in this video are as real as it gets. Ive personally been heavily impacted by this issue this year and believe that this is something the world NEEDS to see. Fortunately we still have the opportunity to reverse what we've done and restore the population of these beautiful creatures back to normal but we need everyones help! Organizations like @vetpaw and the other ones listed on can use as much financial support as possible to operate and expand their operations at this time. Start by sharing this video and if you want to be a part of saving these incredible creatures choose an organization on our site or any credible charity that is working with rhino conservation and donate! These people are devoting their lives to helping these animals and NEED as much help as they can get at this time! @karmagawa has donated $250,000 to @vetpaw already and I'm adding another $10,000 because I want us to win this war! Let's use our platforms to serve a bigger purpose and win this war!! All details in the link in my bio! ❗🎞🎥 @samkolder

Two animal whisperer’s relate over mutual struggles🦒😂 This felt like a scene out of a movie @therealtarzann @coldgamekelv

Happy thanks giving from the Everybody Eats foundation. These past few weeks I got to finally experience what it's like to use my talent to do good in the world, even if it was just a start. Got to witness wild animals up close like 90% of people never will and get educated on the severe dangers of poaching. With time never stopping, there were multiple freeze frame moments on this trip so far, feeding giraffes was one of my favourites 🌿 #bucketlistexperiences

Went looking for love today with my boy Brother Nature 😂🌿 @coldgamekelv | 🎼 Watching Me - @swaelee

On a lighter note, throwback to some of the most beautiful sunsets from Bali and Thailand 🇹🇭 with @chelseakauai @samkolder (mini editing collab w/ Sam) 🎞

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