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Its funny that I posted on homelessness earlier because I just responded to this discussion posted by a classmate for class. My response is below.
********* Homelessness is definitely a problem in SLC. I have worked directly with homeless people in the past and I can tell you the problem goes much deeper than one program or even multiple local laws could implement. There are people that are chronically homeless due commonly to severe mental illness and/or addiction. This is a public health, as well as a social issue. Addiction and severe mental illness are often cyclical. People try to get better, get back on their feet but many obstacles are in the way and then they relapse because society has essentially set them up for failure.

Access to healthcare is a major issue. How can someone get better if they can not see a provider to be treated? How can someone work if they can barely function? How can someone get a job if they can't shower, don't have clean clothes or don't have the technology to get a call or email for an interview?
I propose these rhetorical questions for you to ponder on, because while I agree that homelessness is a problem but it is not the Problem in this situation.

Building more shelters will not fix homelessness. Shelters can keep people “safe” and warm at night when they are living on the street and possibly offer resource assistance during the day like all of the programs in SLC do, but it does not attend to the primary causes of chronic homelessness. Healthcare, behavioral health access, criminal justice systems, affordable addiction treatments and shifting the view on homelessness (that these people are dangerous, dirty and “ruining” this city) are the things that must be first be addressed in order to lessen homelessness.
I would also argue that because homeless people are living in poverty they are not producing the waste the “dirties” downtown Salt Lake. As explained in the City Solution article, people in poverty produce less waste overall because they can not afford to be wasteful. They physically have less and from personal observation, tend to be very protective of the few things they own. #slc #micdrop #shutitdown

Just got home from a train adventure to downtown, where I left my car last night. Im hot and sweaty and my head hurts and I was only in the sun about a half hour and walked about a mile and a half. And as I passed Rio Grande I thought about how fortunate I am to have a home that I can escape the heat from. I look at these poor people that are living all day out in the elements and imagine how miserable they must feel. I live paycheck to paycheck but I have shelter that is cool. I can shower anytime I want. I have a car, (as shitty as it is) to get me places and I dont have to walk miles and miles to get things I need. I am very blessed and its important to remember that I could be in a worse way. Anyone of us could. #perspective #slc

It is not about hating you. It is about loving myself. ❤ #jrjpoetry

Drug like effects ✨👌😊#sagittarius #freewillastrology @bren_lark

Tomorrow! Who else will be there??? #socialdistortion #thedepot #slc

What am I?
A mass of memories
Firing between cells
Billions of rows of suffering
And multiplying by the wayside

What am I?
A cold person
Walking through the hallway
Down the street
Another face to pass
What am I?
They called me a woman
Still I took off my shirt
They said the streets are for men
And that I would get hurt

What am I?
A soul wandering
Never satisfied
There is no home for those
That can not find comfort

And I know you will run from me…

What am I?
They asked
A five year plan
Or a family
These are the things you will be remembered by

Not by the quiet firefly
Or by the blades of grass you felt between your toes
Not the wind in your face
On the playground
Or in the field on your own

The sun will be the only one to remember your face
The billions of passerbys
Just stopping to say hello
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This baby 💜

I can not sleep. Again. #jrjpoetry #latenightwrites #sleepy #writing

I got a hat 💜#blackhat #petcats

I can not sleep. #jrjpoetry #latenightwrites

He sort of gets it. I need a harness fitted for a cat instead of a dog tho. #misterhaze

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