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Vai Ket  Always happy to photograph people, places and objects of interest. If you have any suggestions, just send me a message. :)

After uploading this picture in the computer, that I realize these creatures have such polygonal eyes. :0 must be super wide angle view.

The butterfly looks like a mafia boss with huge fur coats. :) check out its smug face. 😎

Overload of dengue patients in ICU this month. Be careful of the mozzies. They can really kill a person.

The final from the days shooting. Glad to have finally captured one on a rainy day. I was the only person sitting on the floor while waiting for the exposures. A really beautiful night. One of the moments that I was super happy to indulge in photography.

The Iron Mosque in putrajaya at night. Didn't notice it at the time when I was shooting, it was pitch black. What do you think that trail of white light is in the sky?

A cool neon sign on the way to KLCC. :) this picture took more than 30 minutes to shoot. Super dodgy surrounding with no humans in sight. Absolutely no where for me to find help if I was attacked :0

Some observations at work.
1. There was another organ procurement today. Such a young kid that manage to donate so many organs. A few more people is going to benefit from him.
2. Was walking around a mall yesterday evening and saw a sales person promoting an all malay land 2 story housing project. I wonder when this is going to change.
3. At work today, wonder why we don't have a universal prayer room to accommodate the different faiths. I spent some time back in Scotland where they had a prayer room with all the different faiths. I had no faith. Its humbling to see the Quran, bible and many more in that same room.

Such a beautiful huge drawing. Must have taken so long to complete. So much talent.

First time to the old Kuala Lumpur train station. I use to take the KTM train and pass through this but never stopped here. Really a beautiful old building that has braved many centuries.

It's a cat kind of day. :0

Happy st paddy day 2. Who's your paddy?

Shooting for a family. Was such a challenge. Kids move really fast and its hard to catch them even with fast shutters. House lighting in malaysia are usually dim and warm. Could use with more light source. #learningcurve but kids are so cute. And the things that parents do to make them smile.

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