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Vai Ket  A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes.

Lets hope I can remember this forever. #notfunatall

Morning machine check. First time took 15 minutes or so. These days about 1 minute. :0 working in ot is like a pitstop in F1 racing. Time is key.

Daily morning activity. I like my job. :0

A lovely walk at FRIM. Every time we go for a walk, it's a different path. No one there knows how to go to the suspension bridge. :0
We have a beautiful country if you know where to look.

Happy Valentine's Day 2017

Yummy home cook prawns. :)

Chap goh meh food is always good. :)

I must capture a lighthouse at night one day with the lights rotating. Is there one nearby klang valley?

It is difficult to get fish fresher than this. A trip to the fishing village for day 15 (chap goh meh) dinner. Exciting times!

Sometimes the smell is really relaxing. :) Prayer room at the temple next to the big red tree at pantai Redang, Sekinchan.

Korean meals gives so many different flavours. Imagine the number of dishes to wash though. #waterbillmustbehigh

Firework shows every night from home. #badfortheenvironment