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Something that I would never be able to forget. An experience that was beyond everything for me and has improved me as a person. I hope those who attended had a good time. I want to thank each and every Secratariat and OC member for helping and supporting me. In no particular order @102nishi @aryanpandey_ @mannu_swag @aayushi_317 @hrushikesh.patwardhan @pranav_pingale @chaitanya.thukral_ @disha.takle @anosh21071 @aryaakulkarni_13 @being_noufal @akshatchaturvedi2002 I cannot recollect everyone right now.
Thank you very much everyone.
Special thanks to @the.appealing.altruist for supporting me from miles away. ❤
#neversatisfied #alwayshungry #winheartsnotbreakthem.

Difficulties are Necessary to Enjoy Success. Pain and Struggle is what makes you Stronger day by day.
P.s.- A little partying never harmed anyone.
Be the Hardest worker in the Room.
#winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

The Older you get, You Realise how much nonsense You've wasted time on.
The best view is seen after the hardest climb.
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If you want to fly, give up everything that Weighs you down. Rome was not built in a day, but they worked on it every single day. My Philosophy in Life is simple-If you treat me well, I'll definitely treat you better.
#winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

Happy New Year ❤
Remember, Pain makes you Stronger,
Tears make you Braver,
Heartbreak makes you Wiser.
So Thank the Past for a better Future.
#winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in and day out. You should not only dream about higher goals but make an effective plan to achieve them. Unless you work, nothing will.
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The only thing that limits you is your thoughts itself. You can achieve limitless things. You are only limited by your thinking. Just trust the process and it'll all fall in place.
Bench Press- 225 LBS X 4.
Motivated by the fear of being just like everyone else.
#winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

Thank You Each and Everyone for making my Birthday Special. I would like to thank each One of you for Blessing me and always supporting me in every way. I would never be what I am today without you. The people who wish for me and who pray for me, those who have always been a part of my life in every way, I dedicate it to every one of you guys. Thank you for making my Day Special and Memorable.

#FINALLY18 #winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

Success begins at the end of your comfort zone. The Strongest people are the one who would make time for you even if they are Struggling with their own problems. Your passion is what defines you. If You keep doing what your Heart feels, then Your Life would be worth Living. Always Dream Big. #winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

I always thought that power was everything that I want in life, there's nothing else that could've quenched my thirst but Power. But I look back to those times, I realise how immature I was to think that way. You are not what think you are, you are what you know you will become. Now, I think that there is more to life than just power. There's Patience, Dedication, Perseverance that adds much more to my need than just Power. You must realise the truth before the time is gone. In the End, all that matters is How bad you want it.
#winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

Realisation happens only when the right time is passed. Your true self is not what you really show others and you know that very well. The inspiration that is need to find your true self is way beyond the material things which have an adverse effect on your life day in and day out. You need to learn to endeavour the things in life that are Real.
#winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi to Everyone. May the Blessings of Lord Ganesha be with you. Do not let the people who quit their goals talk you into quitting yours. Keep going and you will achieve success. #winheartsnotbreakthem #neversatisfied #alwayshungry

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